5 Different Ways You Can Use Body Butter

5 Different Ways You Can Use Body Butter

The best way to feel nourished is to have moisturized skin under all conditions. But how will that be possible? The answer lies in the versatility of body butter. They can not only supply moisture to your skin but also give it a long-lasting glow. The best part, however, is the fact that it can work with all types of skin.

The various uses for body butter can be rewarding but it is important to know the proper ways to follow. There are various ways in which body butter can be used to take care of your skin every day. 

What are 5 different ways to use body butter?

The benefits of body butter are magnified due to the multiple ways in which they can be used. Let’s get to the root of versatile body butter usage.

body butter

Manicure at home

It is natural to not want to apply artificial products on your hands and nails. But that should not stop you from softening your cuticles. Regular body butter usage will help you do that at home without any side effects. Just soak your fingers in warm water and add a small amount of body butter. This must be followed by pushing the cuticles with a soft stick and shaping and coloring the nails.

Manicure at home

Post-exposure cream

Skin problems can take different forms, especially during summer. The skin is under continuous exposure to the Sun when you step out of the house. This can make the skin deficient in moisture, giving it a rough texture —  thanks to body butter, your skin can be saved. Apply it to the skin after exposure to the Sun. Inflammation will be significantly reduced and moisture supplied again.

reduce sunburn

Shaving cream

The uses for body butter can extend to shaving creams as well. Whenever you run out of shaving cream or wish to get a new one, try body butter for a change. They will provide a protective layer to the skin and prevent any injuries or infections. That clearly means a smooth shaving experience every time.

protective layer on skin

Make-up remover

More often than not, people tend to hurry the process of makeup removal. But removing makeup is an integral part of everyday skincare. The next time when you remove make-up, put a tiny amount of body butter on a tissue and use it to take your makeup off with just one swipe. 

make-up remover

Foot cream

A common problem we face in foot care is cracks and tired heels. That calls in for a relaxing massage. Use body butter for this purpose as it will not only release stress but also help soften cracked toes. Apply some body butter with a tissue on the cracks or your feet and cover it with a layer of cotton or socks before going to sleep. 

An important factor to consider while purchasing skincare products is the ingredients used, which should be natural and raw. With flavours such as Indian Mango Butter, African Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter and more, Nature’s Tattva is offering a wide range of natural and unprocessed body butter for glowing and nourished skin. Get your stock of goodness today!

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