5 Popular Cocoa Butter DIY Recipes

5 Popular Cocoa Butter DIY Recipes

5 Popular Cocoa Butter DIY Recipes

Cocoa butter is brittle, cream-coloured butter and tastes ultra-yummy just like chocolate. It is a fantastic addition to every kind of skin butter, balms, and lotions. It dissolves over 34°C/93°F that is marginally below the body’s temperature, which means that it will start melting into one’s skin after once in contact. It melts into a preferable oil, which absorbs quickly, making you leave flagrantly delicious. This article features 5 most commonly used cocoa butter DIY recipes that you will definitely love!

As cocoa butter is found in many forms at high temperature, it could even be utilized to thicken one’s concoctions, even if it’s not in the same league as candelilla wax, beeswax, or carnauba wax— the substantially lower melting point cocoa butter implies that you require a little bit for thickening the concoctions.

Now, let us go through the best DIY recipes you could create, once you find the best quality of cocoa butter raw pure unrefined.

5 Best Cocoa butter DIY recipes

A.Creamy Cocoa Body Truffles

cocoa butter DIY recipes

One could utilize dark cocoa butter for good coverage and put a brown iron oxide to have a similar appearance if one wants. You just need to create a cocoa butter mixture using rich African Cocoa Butter and to be clear, these truffles are not edible.

B. Body Butter Bar

Body Butter Bar

To be honest, such body butter bars are easy to cheat, but it does not imply we don’t appreciate them. It’s just melting and pouring, and you’ve can get a nice cocoa bar in no time.

C. Bath milk

Bath milk

Have a bath with a delicious and easy blend of butter, powdered milk, and silk. We’re attempting to benefit from the flaky texture of butter to blitz it in a thick paste of milk, offering us a delightful chocolatey fragrant powder that is basically hot cocoa for one’s bathtub. Pair with a healthy dosage of Epsom salts and an excellent novel for good results.

D. Cocoa Deo

Cocoa Deo

You would love the blend of coconut oil, unprocessed shea butter, and coconut oil. Paired with starch, clay, and baking soda— this makes a tremendous wax-free deodorant that fights the pit for long hours.

E. Lip Butter

Cocoa Lip Butter

Out of everything we won’t be able to remind ourselves not to eat, this Cocoa Lip Butter is relatively high on the list. It smells pretty delicious and keeps lips wonderfully soft and moisturized. And did we mention it smells precisely like high chocolate, and it’s relatively irresistible? This stuff is pretty awesome!


Do try out these DIY recipes to get the most of your cocoa butter raw pure unrefined just for your super nourished skin!
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