Advantages of Red Onion Seed Oil

Advantages of Red Onion Seed Oil

Hair fall is the most concerning aspect of every man and woman in the present scenario. Especially ladies who are sick of counting the hair strands losing every day. Hair fall doesn’t knock alone; scalp issues like dandruff, baldness, hair thinning, and greying of hair are always associated with it. 

If you are troubled by hair woes and want your tresses to be thicker, softer, and glossier, keep on reading.

Ayurveda has recommended a trusted and time-tested solution to increase the lifeline of your hair strands, that is red onion black seed oil, also known as kalonji ka tel. Universally accepted, red onion is a traditional remedy for hair woes for ages.

Now, let us find out why red onion seed black oil is such a boon for hair fall?

red onion seed oil

A. Loaded with immense nutrition

Onions are a vital source of vitamin C, B6, D, E folate, acids, esters, phytochemicals and sulfur-containing compounds. In other words, they are rich in healthy nutrition which helps in nourishing hair follicles to improve the thickness, shine, and volume of the hair.

hair nutrient

B. Vital for hair growth

Generally, the structure of our hair contains 95% of keratin, a protein which is a combination of smaller units called amino acids, and the critical constituent of amino acid is sulphur. Red onions are highly rich in containing sulphur compounds that promotes keratin production and enhances hair growth, texture, and quality.

hair growth

C. Ability to control damage

Onions contain antioxidants called flavonoids, efficient in countering free radical damage caused by toxins in pollution. Pollution is a crucial factor in making our hair dull and dry. Free radicals present in the pollution generally harm our scalp and destroy the hair follicles. The antioxidant present in the red onion controls the damage and revives hair growth.

damage hair

D. Have Antimicrobial/Antibacterial properties

Onions are enriched with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which help in warding off scalp eruption. It has a natural healing property that heals the scalp infection from within the roots and protects your hair from dandruff and dryness.

E. Promotes regrowth

One of a research-based published study showed that patients with alopecia areata (a patchy type of baldness) have conducted a test for examining the signs of hair regrowth after applying red onion seed oil. The results state that it also promotes hair regrowth and the best hair oil for hair growth.

With all the benefits of red onion, you cannot avoid the fact that the strong smell makes it hard to use. A better solution to enjoy all the hair benefits without any uncomfortable smell—using Nature’s Tattva’s Raw Red Onion Seed Oil which is formulated in an easy-to-use form. Nature’s Tattva is India’s first and only DIY beauty brand which provides 100% natural products without any harsh preservatives and chemicals.

This oil is extracted by cold-pressed raw red onion seed. It is a vital ingredient that helps you to prevent hair loss, buildups scalp and reduces the dullness of tresses; it also stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair follicles and clears the blocked roots for enhanced luster. It is the best hair oil for hair growth which is enriched with healthy nutrition of onions in such a concentrated way that gives your hair the purest and healthiest care. 

Hence, it is recommended to use this product regularly so that it revives your hair with the healing power of red onion seed oil.

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