Benefits of olive oil for hair & skin

Benefits of olive oil for hair & skin

benefits of olive oil for skin

Olive Oil is a boon for mankind. Its benefits are not bound to the health of a person. Olive oil for hair and skin is a great way to boost the quality and get away with already caused damage. Most people are well equipped with the health benefits of olive oil. This healthy oil is a part of the Mediterranean diet and famous not only for the hair and skin but also for cooking. Coming to its benefits for skin and hair, they are well discussed below.

What are the top benefits of olive oil for hair and skin?
Here are some of the best benefits of using olive oil for hair and skin:

A. Moisturises hair

Hair tends to get damaged and dry because of chemicals and synthetic compounds present in hair cosmetics. Thus, it is necessary to treat dry and damaged hair before it starts breaking your hair or damages the scalp. Here, olive oil is the ideal choice to provide the much-required moisture and condition the hair with nutrients and vitamins. Thus, making your hair smooth, soft and away from the fizzy appearance.

olive oil for hair

B. Simpler hair management
Olive oil helps hair health in a very nice way. You need not worry about the dryness in your hair. When your hair is properly nourished, it’s not any hard to tame them. Now, you know the perfect hack. Olive oil for hair is the best to hold your hair’s original texture. It profoundly conditions your hair, making it delicate and smooth to a great extent. A win-win situation for you for sure!

smooth hair solution

C. Bid farewell to dandruff
Dandruff is a result of the unhealthy, dry and flaky scalp which can further damage the hair from the roots. To cure this, you can try a quick DIY recipe using olive oil; mix some amount of lemon juice with olive oil and rub the mixture on your scalp prior to a head wash. This will give you a clean and clear scalp.

split end cure

D. No more split ends
During winters, there are high chances of your hair to get damaged and become dry and flaky. The hair is inclined to break as well as lead to split ends which are difficult to get rid of. For this, you can take a small amount of olive oil on your fingers and run it through your wet hair strands, just a couple of minutes after you step out of the shower.

split end solution

E. High in nutrients
Olive oil has some amazing advantages that might benefit the skin of an individual to a great extent. It has many different nutrients and vitamins, inclusive of Vitamin A, D, and K, like vitamin E. Thus, olive oil works as an antioxidant and having this property, it may help in the prevention or the reversion of harm from diseases like cancer.

olive oil for skin

F. It saturates and battles microorganisms
In case you’re inclined to skin break out, don’t worry, you’re not alone in the race. To fight the stubborn ace, you can think of utilizing a cleanser made with olive oil. Olive oil benefits the skin by declining your skin inflammation by executing off the microorganisms that cause the skin to break out.



With people moving towards opting for a healthy lifestyle, the health benefits of olive oil for hair and skin have surfaced amazingly which are worth a try. If you are looking for a natural and organic stock of olive oil, head to Nature’s Tattva— India’s first and only DIY beauty brand that is fulfilling all requirements for healthy potions for skin and hair.


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