Best Products to treat dry skin

Best Products to treat dry skin

Does your skin feel unusually tight, itchy, and rough? Or is it having deep cracks, redness, and flaky texture? That’s your cue to start hydrating your dry skin with natural products to achieve moisturized and youthful skin.

However, the trick here is to know the root cause as to why your skin is suffering from the dryness and treat it using natural products for dry skin. But to understand how to treat dry skin on the face, you must first examine if your skin is totally dry, or is it dry with an oily T-zone, or is it both dry and sensitive?

How to treat dry skin on the face?

Know your skin type and choose the best product for your skin from below in order to treat the dry skin of your face and body.

A. Coconut Oil

Being one of the most versatile oils in the world, coconut oil is known for increasing the moisture content in the skin which treats itchy and extremely dry skin like a pro. Famous for reducing signs of eczema, it removes all your dead skin cells and treats your dry skin with finesse while getting rid of all your stretch marks.

However, to fully utilize the benefits of coconut oil, you need to use organic extra virgin coconut oil for getting moisturized and healthy skin in no time.

coconut oil

B. Chocolate Clay with cocoa powder

For all those people with dry stretched skin with an oily T-zone, chocolate clay with cocoa powder will be a boon for them. While clay contains vitamins that help the skin regenerate new cells and lowers pigment production, the cocoa powder enhances the skin elasticity and hydration. 

Cocoa powder while increasing the elasticity of your skin, removes fine lines and wrinkles and the clay tightens all your pores and removes all the oil and dirt which in turn slows down the aging process of the skin. This way your skin doesn’t dry and your T-zone finds a good oil balance. This product gives your skin a healthy, non-oily glow.

cocoa powder for skin

C. Lavender Hydrosol

Having dry and sensitive skin? Then lavender hydrosol is the only thing you will need to gain a good pH balance. 

Lavender soothes your irritated, sensitive skin from sun damage while controlling the excess oil and locks the moisture of the dry skin underneath your acne. It treats skin redness and itchiness while cleaning your pores, making your skin breathable. You get glowing and non-itchy skin in a flash as your skin texture rejuvenates and you feel beautiful.

lavender hydrosol

D. Patchouli Oil

If you have cellulite along with dry chapped skin, patchouli oil is an excellent skin therapy to treat your skin. While it effectively cures fungal infections, it is also famous for treating dermatitis and acne. 

It fills all the cracks of your skin to protect it from bacteria and fungus which gives it a smooth appearance while increasing its collagen content. Like chocolate clay with cocoa powder, the texture of this oil also slows the skin aging process due to collagen and gives your skin a natural glow.

patchouli oil


It is crucial to remember that dryness causes itchiness and cracks on your skin which increases the chances of bacteria and fungus, making the skin prone acne and pigmentation. using the above mentioned natural products for dry skin from Nature’s Tattva, India’s first DIY beauty brand helps in having healthy and youthful skin and get free of all your skin woes.

Say goodbye to dryness and let the skin look more moisturized and healthy!


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