Charcoal Powder— Why You Must Add It To Your Skin Care Routine?

Charcoal Powder— Why You Must Add It To Your Skin Care Routine?

Charcoal Powder Why You Must Add It To Your Skin Care Routine

Are you worried about acne marks and pimples on your skin? Is the weather condition affecting your skin tone? Welcome Activated charcoal powder in your daily skin care routine to treat your skin care problem. The Activated Charcoal Powder effectively cleanses your skin and controls the excess sebum production. The best part about Activated Charcoal Powder is that it pulls off all the impurities from your skin and lightens the pores of your skin.

Aren’t there just too many advantages of this magic product? Well, no wonder it is the most trending, latest addition to many skin care routines.

What are the most beneficial activated charcoal powder uses for skin care?

To reap the benefits of activated charcoal powder which is one of the important ingredients for your skin care routine, follow the given tips to enhance the glow and beauty of your skin, hair and face:

1. Treats oily skin

activated charcoal powder uses to Treats oily skin

Do you have oily skin? If yes, then you will be happy to know that one the best activated charcoal powder uses is to use it in the form of cleanser, toner or mask to remove unwanted or excess oil from your skin, making it smooth and soft. Use it at least twice per week to clean all the dirt and impurities from your skin.

2. Cleansing the pores

Cleansing the pores with activated charcoal powder use

To treat acne and pores, it is recommended to use the activated charcoal powder on your skin to remove the impurities and sebum. The exposure of sun rays and harsh pollution, the pores of the skin get choked with the toxins making skin dull and pale. You can even create an organic DIY recipe at home using activated charcoal powder.

Recipe: Take two tablespoons of sugar, one teaspoon of olive oil and activated charcoal powder, mix these ingredients and rub the mixture gently on your face to regain the lost lustre on your skin. Make sure you only use certified organic skin care products from a reputed brand.

3. Cure scalp problems

activated charcoal powder uses to cure hair problem

If you are facing hair troubles such as dandruff, redness or oily and itchy scalps, mix the activated charcoal powder with your shampoo to pull out toxins and to increase the volume of your hair. Activated charcoal powder removes all dirt and oil from your hair making it silky and shinier.


Inculcate these activated charcoal powder uses in your daily skincare routine to get rid of your problems. Do you want to buy certified organic skin care products for your skin? Reach out to India’s largest online beauty store and first DIY beauty brand, Nature’s Tattva to improve the gleam and splendid of your skin with its pure and natural skin care products.

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