Exciting Shea Butter DIY Recipes For Daily Use

Exciting Shea Butter DIY Recipes For Daily Use

Shea butter DIY recipe

The off-white or ivory shade of Shea butter is notably eye-catching and the brain starts to work on a plethora of DIY recipes. The ingredient that is naturally enriched in moisturizing qualities needs no further introduction to inspire you to try Shea butter DIY recipes. The wonder substance is also known to have healing elements and antioxidants in its organic form which of course is an advantage for the skin.

Introduced to the world from its native, Africa, Shea butter is being used as a cosmetic ingredient over centuries, given the high intensity of vitamins A & E and fatty acids available in the wonder element, it also has amazing easy-to-spread consistency to make it a must-use ingredient in your DIY formulae.

Here are few simple Shea butter DIY recipes to spark inspiration in you:

A. Liquid cream foundation

Shea Butter DIY Recipes

As of now, you are sure of the moisturizing properties Shea butter offers and hence, the foundation made with this ingredient as a base allows your skin to glow without any harm for a longer period. Just add equal amounts of Shea butter and jojoba oil to form a 1:2 ratio with loose mineral powder, heat the mixture on a slow flame until absorbed in each other fully with the occasional stir, cool off before using.

B. Eye cream

DIY Shea butter Eye cream

Considering Shea butter is enriched in antioxidants, it does make a great source for wrinkles as well. The recipe for DIY Shea butter eye cream is as simple as its name. you would require to add equal amounts of Shea butter, unrefined coconut oil, and aloe Vera with a few drops of essential oil and vitamin E oil and give it a good mix, store in an air-tight jar for longer use.

C. Daily use lip balm

DIY daily use lip balm

To achieve and maintain well-moisturized lips you need to regularly use a good quality lip balm. What if that quality is a simple homemade recipe? Mix equal amounts of Shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil on a double boiler system with a timely stir. Add a bit of honey and a few drops of essential oils. Transfer the cold blend in your favourite kind of container to start using the organic lip balm.

Some of the other simple homemade recipes are body butter and body lotions.

Shea Butter DIY Recipes

Knowing that Shea butter is packed with all the goodness to get glowing skin inside out, you need to be careful while buying it. As said that, look for an unrefined form of Shea butter to use in DIY recipes, then boil it on a low flame and filter it through a muslin cloth to avoid any external particles mixing in the formulae.

Shea butter can be used as a base ingredient in many DIY cosmetics and skincare recipes. Use it as a DIY Shea butter eye cream or in its original form as a moisturizing lotion, it is all good with this miracle product. For the most organic form of shea butter, go on and check out Nature’s Tattva, the brand that offers the most natural and organic products for DIY beauty recipes.

Ready to get that natural glow?

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    I really love to use shea butter as lip balm, and for hyper pigmentation on my mom’s face

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