Fragrance VS Essential oils: What is the basic difference between them?

Fragrance VS Essential oils: What is the basic difference between them?

basic difference between Fragrance VS Essential oils

The war between fragrance vs essential oils has been going since forever. There are many common DIY recipes that call out for the use of fragrance or essential oils in their creation. Thus, it can be often confusing to figure out which one of these two is needed to be used for respective purposes and how to choose the effective one.

Today, we will discuss more about it in this article. For all those, striking to make a choice between the two, let us get on with it. To make it more understanding, a few of the common differences between fragrance and essential oils are listed below:

A. Let’s begin with composition

fragrance oil making in factory

Fragrance oils are man-made scents manufactured in the laboratory keeping aromatic natural sources a part of the blend during the process of manufacturing. They are also mixed with many other artificial components. Whereas, essential oils are beautiful fragrances extracted from natural aromatic substances. It is done through the process of steam distillation without any unnecessary dabble with external elements.

B. Usage

Essential oil used to make soaps, bath bombs, massage oils


Having a stronger capacity to hold on to the scent, fragrance oils are appropriate to be used for products that can offer a stretched usage duration. For example car perfumes, candles, room fresheners, body perfumes, lotions, and others. On the other hand, though essential oils are good for health and skin, they are unable to keep the scent linger for a longer duration. Hence, they are used to make soaps, bath bombs, massage oils, and other health-related products for a calmer body and mind.

C. Personal well-being

Essential Oil for personal well-being

Essential oils and aromatherapy go hand-in-hand! Not just for fragrance, but they also offer multiple health benefits having other essential parts of plants blended in as well. Some of the most common healing properties essential oils provide are easing muscle pain, skin problems, common headaches, and early insomnia signs. On the contrary, the best use for fragrance oils is following DIY cosmetics and other scented uses— even if they do not have the capacity of healing any pains or calming properties.

D. Shelf-life

Essential oil Shelf-life

Along with the complex process involved in creating fragrance oils, they are also required to be mixed with several artificially treated elements in huge numbers varying from 40-200. This is a huge composition to keep a shelf-life longer considering the pros and cons of each element involved. However, essential oils are the purest outcome of the extracting process from plants, flowers, and roots. They usually have at least twice the storage life as compared to fragrance oils.

E. Quality and variety

Essential oil Quality and variety

Moderate and best quality of essential oils depends on the way plants are grown and treated for the extraction. Excessive use of pesticides or not having an appropriate environment will reduce the quality of scent as well as the healing properties. Fragrance oils, however, are a mixture of more than 50 components. Moreover, their quality can be enhanced with the increased number of additional items for stronger and finer fragrances. Thus, offering more varieties than essential oils.

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