Guide To Essential Oils

Guide To Essential Oils

Essential oils are useful for a wide variety of purposes. From therapeutic uses to health and beauty benefits – essential oils show ideal properties and applications. 

The oils are specially extracted from plants and plant matter. This, in turn, brings their aroma, flavors and uses of plants into essential oil products. Not only are they beneficial in skin routine and healthcare, but they can also be applied to hair care and much more.

If you are considering essential oils as an addition to your self-care elements, this article might be your guide. Let us now discover the most common types of essential oils, their use and the several essential oil benefits! 

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What are the different types and uses of essential oils? 

Before deciding which essential oil to use, you must know some essential facts to be considered. 

While using essential oils, you must dilute it using carrier oils. Be assured to take professional advice on which oil will suit your skin requirements and get a test done on the skin before use. It is also important to use pure essential oils without any mixing or synthetic elements.

Once you know these, the next step is to decide the types of essential oils available. The most popular essential oil list is as under: 

Bulgarian Lavender 

Bulgarian lavender essential oil can be used for different skin treatments. It decreases inflammation of the skin, reduces acne. Lavender essential oils can also help in hair growth and cure hair lice. The appearance of acne scars can also be prevented.


Cedarwood can also help in skin treatment. Particularly, for improving the texture and tone of the skin and acne reduction. The oil is 100% natural, made without any modifications or preservatives. Cedarwood essential oil also helps prevent hair loss.

Cinnamon Bark 

There are surprising properties of Cinnamon bark that work on the skin. It soothes the skin and produces a healing sensation. Dandruff control, hair growth, external and internal application circulation of the skin, etc. can also be ensured by cinnamon bark essential oils.

Cinnamon Leaf

This is useful for relieving spasms and muscle aches, skin healing and anti-aging.  Another important use is to keep bugs and parasites away from the skin.

Clary sage 

Clary sage essential oil has many therapeutic skin properties. They can prevent fine lines, acne, wrinkles and blemishes. The skin also soothes by anti-inflammation and tightening abilities of this essential oil. For hair, it gives a pleasing scent and shine.


In the essential oil list, the coffee essential oil is a product that serves as an antioxidant. Coffee can also be used as an antidepressant, keeping allergies, chronic diseases and depression away.


Eucalyptus essential oil is particularly helpful in aromatherapy. It prevents infections and clogging due to their anti-fungal properties. Eucalyptus oil can also be used to relieve an itchy scalp, promote hair growth and increase hair thickness, quality and shine.

There are many more commonly used essential oils like Fir needle, Frangipani, Frankincense and Grapefruit (white as well as pink). Their advantages and usefulness make essential oils an inevitable element for all self-care purposes. 

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How can I use essential oils for the skin?

It is recommended no to use the essential oil directly, thus here are some ways you can apply essential oil for glowing and allergy-free skin:

  • Compression

One can easily compress the essential oil in water or any carrier oil such as jojoba oil, coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Simply drop a few drops of the oil in the water or oil and apply to the affected area. For best results, heat or cold compression could be applied to the skin.

  • Bath

Essential oils are best for drawing a calm and relaxing bath. Either put in the drops in the bathwater or add a few drops of the essential oil in your natural soap or body wash. The oils are also very efficient in making bath salts for a much relaxing experience.

  • Massage

Add one drop of the desired essential oil in a carrier oil. The essential oil could be chosen as per the problem faced, such as tea tree oil works best for acne. Start rubbing the prepared oil on the body or affected area of skin. The concentration should decrease if using for children or infants.

  • Spray

Adding a few drops of the preferred essential oil in water can be your new ready to go spray. Simply transfer the mixture in a spray bottle and use it as and when required. Make sure that the mixture is not very strong for daily use.

The other healing ways include using essential oils for steam, as a diffuser, for gargle and in beauty products at times.

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What are the accessories for essential oils? 

 The many essential oil benefits can give a new dimension to skin and hair treatment. If you are planning to start using essential oils as a part of your regular routine, you might need some accessories. 

These may include oil bottles that can be stored well. Diffusers may also be used for an instant therapeutic action of the essential oils. Droppers and bottles may be needed in cases where your essential oils do not come with droppers. 

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