Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks


From pregnancy to gaining weight rapidly, the reasons behind stretch marks are varied but more importantly, they are quite common. Almost all women have had to face the negative side of stretch marks where they have felt the need to hide them for some reason or the other. We say that there’s no need to hide them anymore because we have some effective home remedies up our sleeve that make the reduction of stretch marks a smooth process. And not to mention, also harmless.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

  1. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, keep yourself hydrated at all times. Remember you have another human inside you who also has their basic needs and in this case, a water sack that needs to be hydrated. If your body lacks water, then that will affect the elasticity of your skin, making it prone to stretch marks.
  2. What you put inside your body during pregnancy in the form of food is equally important because they need to have healthy sources. Eat food that will help in the form of collagen that will improve elasticity and thus prevent stretch marks. Eat whole foods like eggs, poultry and meat for a wholesome development of your body.
  3. You need to watch your weight gain during pregnancy. Although, you’re eating for two, you need to understand that it’s not a fully developed human inside you. Your baby needs only a little bit of the food. The quality prevails the quantity. You actually need only 200 extra calories of food when you’re pregnant.
  4. Add gelatin to your diet because that it helps in the formation of collagen that in turn helps in improving elasticity of skin, thus reducing the prominence of stretch marks. Not only that, it helps in better digestion and also gives you a good night’s sleep that a young mother craves for.
  5. You can get rid of pregnancy marks by using natural oils – mixing carrier oils and essential oils. For example, you can mix carrier oil like coconut oil with essential oil like rosehip oil.  Another combination could be jojoba oil with lavender oil. Massage the affected area with the mixture of the oils and leave on for as long as you want. This is basically done to moisturize your skin, for improving elasticity. The carrier oils are supposed to nourish and replenish the skin with moisture. The essential oils are rich in antioxidants that are necessary for healing.
  6. We have already mentioned that development of collagen is important for preventing stretch marks. Another very rich source of formation of collagen is Vitamin C that is found in a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially the citrus family like oranges, and lemons.

Whether it’s pregnancy or puberty that is giving you stretch mark woes, you can prevent or get rid of them by scientifically backed remedies that are easily available at home and free of all chemicals. Don’t worry if they don’t become invisible because it’s a different type of scarring but you can definitely reduce its appearance.

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