6 Must-Haves In Your Make-Up Drawer

6 Must-Haves In Your Make-Up Drawer

A woman’s best friend may be diamonds but her soul sister is makeup. Whether your style is loud and blingy, or minimal and classy there is nothing wrong with putting on a little bit of makeup before stepping out and making heads turn. Of course, to make sure that the makeup doesn’t cause unnecessary breakouts and leave marks, you have to take care of your skin equally well by providing the required nutrition and following basic, simple rules by removing all traces of makeup before sleeping. Here are a few makeup must-haves that we just can’t do without.


  1. Foundation: We generally tend to end up buying more than one foundation, because let’s face it we always want one that is closest to our skin tone. Just when you think you have found THE one for your skin, you end up finding a better match. Always go for one that easily blends with your skin.
  2. A gap filler palette: A palette that has all your makeup needs is every woman’s dream. From brow bone highlight to a base shade, you should have one that is your go-to palette when you are doing your makeup. 
  3. Cotton buds: Sounds basic? But it’s such a life-saver when the wing of your eyeliner stretches a little too much or your kohl smudges accidentally. A little extra lipstick off the edges or a blob of blush that needs to be toned down – cotton buds help you in achieving that perfection when it comes to makeup. Always keep cotton balls handy for those days as well when you are extremely tired but just have to remove makeup before retiring for the day.
  4. Mascara: Long, fluttering eyelashes can just never go out of fashion. Use one that adds volume and makes your eyelashes longer for the perfect touch to your eye makeup. Because as they say, the eyes never lie. Might as well own the look!
  5. Brow-volumnizing gel: What with our hectic lifestyle we often miss our salon appointments.  And while we can hide our body hair by wearing longer sleeves, our face can’t be hidden. Use a brow gel to tame the hair when they are not perfectly tweezed to look fully groomed.
  6. Dark circle concealer: No matter how much sleep you get (or don’t) you end up having those dark circles that make you look more tired than you usually are. A good dark circle concealer takes care of that and you can go ahead with your regular eye makeup without a problem.

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On most days, your makeup drawer comes to your rescue when you’re not exactly feeling a whole lot confident. And with these small steps you can give yourself a regular makeover that is hassle-free. But most of the makeup may contain harsh chemicals that are a threat to good skin. So always remember to pamper your skin with products like olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil and rose water that will help your skin breathe, soothe and relax.

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