Natural Skincare – DIY E- Book For All Skin Types

Natural Skincare – DIY E- Book For All Skin Types

Nature’s Tattva, India’s first completely organic and natural, home-grown DIY brand, has released it’s very own “tried, tested and trusted” DIY recipes. These recipes are in the form of an E-book which is suitable for all skin types and all age groups. Have you ever felt the need of using a handmade and pure concoction for your hair, skin and body? If yes, This e-book will be your savior! Let us dive into more details of what this DIY e-book contains and why must you buy it?

The world is turning toward natural and organic products for daily use. Quality over quantity is no longer a trend, rather, this is a need. And how about getting a fair quantity of quality products at a pocket-friendly price? Nature’s Tattva has been the go-to brand which ensures the delivery of quality, quantity and fairly priced pure, natural & organic products. Each of which is made with love!

This DIY E-book contains an abundance of love which is gentle and nutritious for your hair, skin and body. There are recipes enclosed within, which are effective and proven their worth over and over again. This e-book contains a gentle treat for yourself and your family. When you buy this e-book you get gift yourself an exclusive 30 minutes session with the skin-care specialist, at no cost! And to top it up, we bring you INR 250 worth voucher to be redeemed on any of our products purchased on our website

Not just this, all our e-book recipes are exclusive to Indian skin and made easier to prepare with measurements mentioned in a user-friendly way.

The Baby & Kids Friendly Recipes – Baby products these days can be very expensive and yet, not completely trustworthy. The chemicals and synthetic agents present in the market-bought, ready-made products are a big no. Then why not make your own DIY recipes using Nature’s Tattva’s baby-safe and baby-friendly products.

  1. The amazing Diaper Rash Spray to keep your baby comfortable, soft and supple throughout the day. Made with the goodness of witch hazel distillate, aloe vera gel and lavender essential oil. This is a complete winner, leading to no mess application and prepared in just 5 minutes.
  2. One of the most gentle yet effective DIY Vapor Rub to ease the discomfort and congestion caused by flu. Generally, the vapor rubs found in the market are loaded with synthetically derived materials; but our DIY recipe is 100% natural and organic made from organic coconut oil/shea butter/mango butter/sal seed butter and good for skin essential oils such as tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and lemon. These natural ingredients help in gently easing the discomfort and aid the body to heal itself; prepared in just 10 minutes.
  3. Our homemade, all-natural DIY Baby Powder made from the goodness of kaolin clay, arrowroot powder and chamomile & lavender essential oils. Good for the baby and prepared in just 5 minutes.

Our Exclusive Spa At Home Recipes – Heading to a spa can give a major break to your pocket. And still, you wouldn’t be sure of the quality of products used. In our DIY e-book, we bring to you some of our most favourite DIY Spa Recipies which can be prepared and enjoyed at the comfort of your home.

  1. Relaxing Detox Bath with Red Clay and Epsom Salt is our all time-winner. Used by several people who vouch for the goodness of this magical bath. Prepared in mere 5 minutes, can give you the most relaxing, soothing & aromatic bath.
  1. Our most in-demand, easy to prepare and gentle to use Luxurious Home Spa Sugar Scrub is a perfect blend of nature and it’s magic. Made with just two ingredients and prepared in just 5 minutes, this recipe will make you fall in love with your skin.
  1. Hair spa at a good salon can be slightly expensive, but we got you a solution. The Desi Fusion Hair-Fall and Hair Rejuvenation Solution is one of the most effective DIY solutions to healthy, dense, and lively hair. Prepared with the goodness of all-natural ingredients, this DIY recipe will certainly ensure you have a good hair day every day.
  1. Products claiming anti-ageing benefits are flourishing in the market, but how safe are they for your skin and your face? Our Homemade Anti-Ageing Green Rassoul Clay Face Mask is free from all chemicals and is safe for your face and skin. Made with nature’s own ingredients and prepared in just 10 minutes, gives you naturally beautiful skin.
  1. The Under Eye Gel and Green Gel Hydrating Face Mask are the best to keep your face and eye fresh-looking always. Made from ingredients such as aloe vera gel, papaya gel, manuka essential oil etc is super hydrating and nourishing for your skin.
  1. Who doesn’t love massages? Our DIY Sensual Massage Oil is typically made from one of the premium essential oils and can be prepared in merely 3 minutes. We bet this oil will leave you feeling magical and uber relaxed.

Summer Skin Care Recipes – These recipes are one of the most trusted, cooling and soothing recipes put together to make your summers calmer and easier on the body. Some of the most popular recipes such as:

  1. The Simple & Natural Non-Greasy Moisturizing Spray to keep your skin healthy, moisturized and fresh all the time, that too without leaving your skin feel greasy or sticky.
  2. The After Shave Face Spray and Handmade Blemish Spot Treatment Roll-on are a must-have during the summers specially.
  3. Fighting mosquito bites can be difficult and using market bought mosquito repellents can be harmful to your body. Our DIY Citronella & Eucalyptus Mosquito Repellent Wax Melts make your summers easier, making it one of the necessities during the season.

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