Nature’s Tattva Brand Name Change Competition

Nature’s Tattva Brand Name Change Competition

We are looking to change our brand name to something that resonates more with the brand values, something which clearly shows the purpose of the brand, which is fusion of ancient home remedies and the knowledge of the modern sciences.

And in this, we want your help, after all, this is your brand too.

Everyone who suggests us a name stands to win. You win by suggesting new names, liking other peoples name suggestions and by sharing all of our content as much as possible.

Here are some of the terms that will govern the competition

  1. Participants can send in the name suggestions by one of the many ways listed below. You can also send the same entry via different channels so that it catches our eyes faster.
    1. Instagram DM
    2. Instagram post Comments
    3. Whatsapp
    4. Youtube video Comments
    5. Telegram
    6. Facebook messages
    7. Facebook post comments
  2. Once we get your suggestion, we will be sharing the same on all our social media channels. The ones that will get the most engagement, will make the cut to the next level. So, you can get as many people to like, share and comment on your suggestion as possible. This way, you make the cut above.
  3. We will be selecting the top 3 names, out of which one will be chosen internally by our team. The winner gets Nature’s Tattva vouchers worth Rs. 15,000 (fifteen thousand) and the 2 runners-up get vouchers worth Rs. 7500 (seventy five hundred) each.
  4. Everyone who participates in this competition wins. Even if you don’t give name suggestions, but just share, like and comment on our name change content regularly, you win something.
  5. Each participant who enters without name suggestion gets a part of the Rs. 7,50,000 (seven and a half lakhs) voucher kitty. Which means that if a total of 1,000 people participate, we will distribute vouchers worth Rs. 750 to each participant.
  6. The final name will be selected by an internal team and will be final.
  7. We will be connecting with all the winners through different mediums, so you don’t have to connect with us. We will make all the effort to make sure you get your rewards.

If you still have confusion about the rules of the competition, you can connect with us via Whatsapp, Instagram DM, Telegram or even facebook messenger and clarify any doubt you may have.

For now, continue shopping on Nature’s Tattva.

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