Nature’s Tattva Natural Skin Care Tips For A Healthy Glow

Nature’s Tattva Natural Skin Care Tips For A Healthy Glow

Sometimes the answers you seek are so close to you that you miss out on them till someone points them out to you. It’s almost the same with taking care of our skin or hair or even health, where we forget that the best ways to achieve our goals is to just find them at home in the most natural or organic way possible. Glowing skin isn’t just for the fortunate or the ones who are blessed with it. It’s also for the ones who know the right hacks to get the perfect glow, naturally every day. So we look at some home remedies and home hacks for that glow of a diva that you can carry off every day.

Turmeric: The motive behind the entire glitz and glamour of the haldi ceremony in an Indian wedding is for the bride and the groom to get the healthy glow. And for centuries, people have relied on this age-old method in a way that it has become a tradition people swear by. But you of course don’t need to get married to deserve the perfect glow with a turmeric paste you can make at home by adding milk or water. You can also add gram flour to make the paste thicker.

Makeup remover: Always remove your makeup before you hit the pillow because it is imperative to let your skin pores breathe when you’re sleeping at night.  You can also keep the makeup removing process natural by just dabbing jojoba oil on a cotton pad and using that to clean your skin. The oil will remove both makeup and dirt, thus letting your skin breathe.

Honey: Use raw honey to massage on your skin and leave for 10 minutes. Wash off with water and watch your face get the ever-glow that everyone loves.  Along with that you will feel your skin growing softer and suppler with the regular usage of honey.

Lemon: You can lighten your dark spots and blemishes with this natural bleaching agent that will give you a fair glow.

Tea bags: Puffy eyes seem to take away from the glow of your face, especially if they are tired.  You can use green or black tea bags and put them in boiling hot water. After removing them, you can place them in a bowl and refrigerate. Use the chilled tea bags on your eyelids for 5-15 minutes to remove puffiness.

Natural skin care tips

Rose water: The best part about rose water is that it is not only a must for your night skincare regime, but also can be used any time during the day to refresh your skin. It tones your skin, and is anti-inflammatory that soothes any kind of skin irritation. And your acne woes can be at rest because of the calming properties that rose water possesses.

The radiance of a person comes from within and that’s why apart from applying external ingredients, it’s important to keep yourself fit from within to have a healthy glow. You can practice yoga or just exercise to be clean from inside. What you eat is how you look; so make sure to add a lot of vegetables, fruits, proteins, nuts and seeds in your diet.  Also, drink a lot of water to flush out all toxins and also cleanse your face with plain water. It’s always a sign of good skin when you keep yourself hydrated.

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  1. LizzReviews November 9, 2019 Reply

    Nice article! All these are best home remedies to get a healthy looking glowing skin. I use honey and it doing well for me. Thanks a lot for sharing these great remedies.

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