Nature’s Tattva – rosewater making process

Nature’s Tattva – rosewater making process

 Known as the symbol of love and beauty, the so-called ornamental flowers, Roses have much more to offer than just its heavenly fragrance and looks. One of its most famous and used offerings is rose water. Extracted from the rose petals, rosewater is a widely used beauty product with its undisputed results in all age groups. 

Nature’s Tattva’s rosewater is completely made in India locally and naturally, untouched by any external synthetic chemicals, and extracted by the following steps:

Nature’s Tattva's Rosewater making process

A. It starts with the finest flowers used in the process which are handpicked desi roses from the rose city of India, Kannauj which is also known for distilling the best roses and perfumes for more than 400 years now giving us the traditionally tested roses to deliver the best.

roses water1

B. Our rosewater is a by-product of the steam distillation process we use for making the essential oils without any additional chemicals unlike the cheap synthetic hydrosol products available in the market today. The distillation process concentrates all the different flavors and medicinal properties of a rose, as the process involves selective heating and cooling to separate the key elements.

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C. The aqueous distillate which remains at the end is referred to as rosewater which brings you the exact light and original fragrance of a fresh blooming rose.

D. Unique to us, our rosewater comes in a handy and aesthetic spray glass bottle, keeping the essence of the pure rosewater intact for a longer time and making it easy to use according to the need and avoiding any wastage which occurs due to over-pouring of the liquid from the normal bottles.

How is Rosewater beneficial for skin and hair enhancement?

The light-weight rose water has escalated to the level of a must-have beauty product over time due to its unmatched results and affordability. The uses and benefits of our rose water on skin and hair is a long list, key points being:

A. Important and usual components of perfumes, scents and aromatherapy, giving a pleasing fragrance to a large area and for a longer period of time, setting up a fresh intact mood.

B. Pure rosewater used as a perfume is much more effective as it is free of alcohol and chemicals and has zero side effects on the skin. Also, gives a soothing and relaxing fragrance for a long time.

C. Rosewater acts as a major ingredient along with hydrosol as a strong antioxidant agent that helps to reduce and curb skin damages, and skin inflammation which are known to be the main skin problem causes today.

D. Rosewater can be used as a moisturizer, cleanser, hydrating spray mist, etc. directly, especially in the winters. The rejuvenating and therapeutic quality of rosewater is extremely gentle on the skin which makes it usable multiple times without causing any harm to the skin.

E. Natural toner for the skin which balances the Ph level of your skin.

F. A skin-friendly gentle make-up remover draws out all the dirt and impurities from deep inside the skin without causing any irritation or dryness and in addition, it helps you to shrink your open pores.

Nature’s Tattva’s rose water Made in India 

The natural freshness of our rosewater is guaranteed with the fact that it is purely made in India from scratch. We support the Indian policy of vocal support for locals thus avoiding any foreign imports and aids. Unlike many existing premium brands which are selling imported material, we believe that India has all the best resources. 

Thus, we bring you the finest of roses from Indian lands and we assure no other roses can compare to the beauty of these handpicked flowers. We promote locally with our vendors and farmers as well, as we have created our own chain of trusted and quality people bringing you the best quality products.

The Made in India Nature’s Tattva rose water is thus a must-have for anybody to yield its multifarious benefits and number of uses. Also, our product supports vocal for local campaigns by providing the purest of Indian products like our rosewater in a small beautiful bottle filled with water freshly made from handpicked roses and lots of local love from India.

Rose Water

Nature's Tattva Pure Rose Water

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