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Are you looking to start a natural wellness brand?

Be it beauty, soaps or candles, we can be your one-stop shop

Nature's Tattva is your one stop shop

for all packaging and soap, candle making supplies.

We started Nature’s Tattva with a vision to revolutionize the way Indians consume beauty products.
In the age of consumerism and ‘fast’ products, with quick fixes, and products filled with heavy chemicals and preservatives,
we tried our hands at 100% Natural, chemical-free beauty products.
The solution was simple, the product needs to be made at the customers end, so that the product needs no preservative,
it is always freshly made and contains literally zero chemicals.

People started liking our DIY fixes and our best time came when the world was under the pandemic lockdown.
People realized how important it was to make sure what they consume, is good for them and their environment.
Do-It-Yourself has become the ‘new norm’ and we are pioneering the efforts for a chemical free future.

From source circle


We work with Women Self-Help Groups and other farming groups so that we get fair price to farmers and others in the value chain.

free of contamination


We strive hard to bring quality products, without any chemicals, preservatives, parabens or sulphates. 100% Pure. Always.


small batch production 2


We follow the small batch production method for most of the products, so that the freshest product reaches our customers.


aloe vera gel harvesting control


Harvesting the right quantity, at the right time is crucial for quality of products, and we control this directly, for maximum quality.


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