Natural Aloe Vera Liquid, 100% Pure Aloe
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Natural Aloe Vera Liquid, 100% Pure Aloe

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Did you know that after extracting aloe vera gel from the plant, if you leave it as it is, it starts turning into a runny liquid, if no stabilizer is added. This is the natural tendency of aloe vera.

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Physical properties

Aloe vera is a wonder plant with various uses. Its leaves are green and filled with gel. This gel can be used to heal wounds and treat scars. It is also used as a juice.







Aloe vera liquid can be used in shamoos, lotions and hair and body sprays for the uses of aloe vera without changing consistency. It has the exact properties as that of aloe vera gel, but is in the liquid form. It is aged for 5 years before harvesting them in the foothills of Himalaya, thus, making it a pure, and natural skincare product.



The natural tendency of aloe vera is to become a runny liquid the moment it is extracted from the plant. To make it a gel, a stabilizer is added.




Rich in Vitamin C

About 8 oz of fortified aloe vera juice contains 9.1 grams of vitamin C. This vitamin is so important for a human body as it acts against and has health benefits.








It comes in a glass bottle and spray.



What exactly are hydrosols and how are they different from plant concoctions made at home?

Hydrosol/steam distilled water is very concentrated because it takes at an average 2.4 kilo grams of the plant to produce 1 litre of steam distilled water. The process does not use water to make hydrosol, it rather uses steam to make the hydrosol. So, hydrosol has all the ingredients that the plant is supposed to have. And the concoction made at home is not that powerful as the plant parts are boiled in the water and there is no set/defined proportion of plant to water ratio to give the desired benefits. Also, during the boiling process many of the nutrients are evaporated while in steam distillation process there is no chance of evaporation of the nutrients.


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7 reviews for Natural Aloe Vera Liquid, 100% Pure Aloe
  • Shilpi

    This aloe vera liquid is multitasker. I add in my foundation even spray on my skin and works wonderfull for makeup removal. Guys you need to grab yours soon

  • gshilpi317

    This is a multitasker ,i use this with my foundation and even use it as toner .this is the best aloe spray and yes hassle free too

  • navamita.09 (verified owner)

    Has a bit of a funky smell but gives good results. Have been spraying it on my face daily after cleansing from past 1 month. My skin looks fresh and there’s no tanning anymore.

  • rashi sadh (verified owner)

    Very nice and soothing

  • Shikha Rastogi (verified owner)

    Didn’t like the smell, but the product works wonders i use as a toner, sometimes mix it with my masks , also works as a makeup remover!

  • parveenshajahan027 (verified owner)


  • parveenshajahan027 (verified owner)

    Really soothing

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