Brazilian Purple Clay, 125g

Brazilian Purple Clay, 125g

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What is Brazilian Purple Clay?

Purple Brazilian Clay is a cosmetic clay imported from Brazil that contains the rich composition of minerals such as iron, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and silica.

It is a natural pigment used in many skincare and cosmetic products as it contains many anti-aging and nourishing properties that help to fight aging spots, acne and other skin disorders

The beautiful color makes it a brilliant choice to make DIY soaps, shampoos, lotions, makeup products, scrubs, masks, etc.

Did you know?

Brazilian Purple Clay gets its beautiful, soothing and soft purple color due to the high levels of magnesium that it contains in its composition. Magnesium helps to improve cellular processes and improves skin and hair conditions.

Benefits of Brazilian Purple Clay for skin


Removes impurities

The Brazilian Purple Clay removes impurities from the skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells and enabling the skin to experience a refreshing feeling of detox.


Anti-aging agent

The presence of magnesium and other necessary nutrients that help to lower cortisol levels stabilizes hormonal imbalances and supports DNA repair and replication which helps get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.



The nourishing mask prepared using the powder of purple clay helps to make DIY face scrub. The scrub helps to exfoliate the dirt, pollutants and tan on the skin without any skin effects.


Moisturizes the skin

The clay contains elements such as Kaolin, Lavender Oil, Citric Acid and Vitamin E that leaves a soothing effect on the skin for a healthy and glowing look. 


Reduces acne

The clay is known to effectively pull oil out of the skin and balance the pH levels, thus reducing acne, oily skin, acne scars and redness. 

100% Organic

Brazilian Purple Clay, 125g

While you may not think that clay could naturally have such a bold colour, the beautiful soft purple colour of this clay is due to high levels of magnesium. Purple clay benefits are mostly anti-aging. Magnesium, after all, helps ensure healthy skin cells, which can make you look younger.

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What are some other uses of Brazilian Purple Clay?

A. Hair masks

The cool and soothing effect of the purple clay from Brazil helps to control the excess oil produced by the scalp, which makes the hair healthy and strong in the long run.

B. Bath bombs

It is widely used in place of cream of tartar for DIY bath bomb recipes. The clay can be used to make beautiful, aromatic and refreshing bath bombs to get a cool and refreshing feeling while bathing.

C. Soaps

Majorly used along with lavender oil, Brazilian purple clay is popularly used to make handmade, vegan and natural soaps for a stress-free shower.

D. Cosmetics

The creamy and lotion-like texture of the clay is used for a matte finish in eyeshadows, foundation and other forms of makeup base.

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