Certified Organic Moroccan Prickly Pear Oil

Prickly Pear

The Miracle Oil, Also Called the Botox of Nature

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Want to try out prickly pear oil but think its expensive?

Well, we have the solution. Use prickly pear oil today and pay in 5 installments of Rs 525 each. Over 6 weeks. Each bottle of prickly pear oil has roughly 100-120 pumps. we recommend 1 pump a day, at night. you use for 5 weeks and see significant results in your skin, if not, we will pay the last installment of Rs 525 from our pockets.

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What is Prickly Pear oil?

Prickly pear oil is touted as the “Nature’s Answer to Botox”. Now obviously, like many other folklores, this one too may be a little far-fetched, but as they say, there’s no smoke without fire. And then again, most of your anti-ageing products are for a long-term view and not an overnight result. So, let’s dive right into the science of this miracle oil.

High in Fatty Acids

Out of all the oils available for beauty in the World, Prickly pear oil has the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential to stimulating healthy growth of new cells.

20.6% oleic acid

The oleic acid is also found in avocado oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil, this fatty acid seals in moisture and helps other beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin more easily.

60.5% linoleic acid

Linoleic acid is great for the skin With age, our cell renewal process reduces, and therefore we see signs of ageing. With high linoleic acid, Prickly pear oil can really help reduce signs of ageing effectively.


150% more vitamin-e than Argan oil. Which means that this oil has a miraculously high antioxidation benefit for the skin, helps in the reducing signs of ageing. Also helps in reducing scars.

Organic Moroccan Prickly Pear Oil:- Enjoy the moisturizing benefits that have been used by Moroccan women for centuries to help protect their skin against the harsh desert winds with Prickly Pear Seed Oil. This rare and precious skincare oil is cold-pressed using the seeds of the Prickly Pear cactus fruit. It is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids that help to fight against dry skin, improve hydration, slow the aging process and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Directions: Shake well before using. Apply a small amount to desired areas after cleansing skin. Allow to penetrate. Use daily for best results. Not to be used as a sunscreen. Ingredients: Opuntia Ficus-Indica (Prickly Pear Oil).


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Questions and answers of the customers

100% Organic

Tattvalogy Certified Organic Moroccan Prickly Pear Oil

Customers Reviews

See whats our customers say about this miraculous Prickly pear oil

Works great. It has 150% more Vitamin E than argan oil. its effect is amazing. My face looks fresher now. I suggest this for models.
It makes my face feel soft . I have only used this organic prickly pear seed oil for a couple of days. So far, I love it! my skin feels smooth and perhaps a little brighter it's not greasy, absorbs easily into your skin and feels wonderful.
After using it for two months, I can say that it gave subtle suppleness. The skin feels more youthful. Fine lines tends to smooth out a bit. I'll buy it again and highly recommend it.

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How to Use this Oil?

Using the oil is easy. Just put 3-4 drops of the oil in your hands, and rub it all around your face. If you want effects on a particular part of the face, then you can apply a drop or so on the affected part as well. Since this is an undiluted oil, you don’t need to worry about it suiting you. 

Why is Prickly Pear Oil so expensive?

The Prickly pear oil is very labour-intensive oil and requires a lot of time to produce. Further, each seed of Prickly pear contains just 3-5% oil, as compared with something like a coconut oil, where each seed/ kernel contains up to 90% oil. Which means, to produce 1 Liter of Prickly pear oil, we need roughly 28 kilograms of the Prickly pear plant. 

I have seen Cheaper Prickly Pear Oils Selling Online?

Most of the brands mix Prickly Pear oil with some other Carrier oil to reduce costs. This oil is usually odourless sunflower oils or fractioned coconut oil, which is available at 1/1000th of the price of pure Prickly pear, and hence reducing the price by a lot. 

Make sure you see the international price of Prickly Pear Oil and then take an informed decision. 

Still have questions?

If you still have question about this miraculous oil shoot us your queries at info@naturestattva.com

or whatsapp : +91-8178353356




At Tattvalogy, we believe in supplying only the very best, therefore we source only the most genuine undiluted Prickly pear oil from the direct source. Our Prickly pear oil is also certified Organic. 

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