Natural Evening Primrose Oil- Cold Pressed
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Natural Evening Primrose Oil- Cold Pressed

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Evening primrose is a summer flower which is native to Europe. The seed of the yellow evening primrose flower is packed with nutrients and is a skincare powerhouse.

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Benefits of Cold Pressed Evening Primrose oil

For hair

Hair Loss And Graying

Healthy hair requires, among other things, a good supply of nutrients including essential fatty acids that nourish the scalp. Emerging research is of the opinion that, like with skin, oxidative stress may be a key factor in aging. In other words, both hair loss and graying of hair could be linked to oxidative stress.

For Skin

Tired Skin

You should be able to rejuvenate tired skin with the oil, which helps with better blood circulation and oxygen supply to your skin. Use a cotton ball to dab some on to your skin, which also moisturizes your skin. Just be sure to mix it with a light organic carrier oil, like coconut oil.

Dark Circles And Tired Eyes

A few remedies suggest using EPO to reduce dark circles. Simply dab it on as a topical remedy, diluted with a milder carrier oil like virgin coconut oil and vitamin E oil.

For tired or strained eyes, besides nutrients like vitamin A, some suggest taking an EPO supplement to cut inflammation and swelling. Due to its toning properties that tighten up your skin, plus its anti-inflammatory action, the oil may help with dark circles.

UV Ray And Sun-Damaged Skin

EPO is among an array of natural herbal remedies that can nurture the skin that’s in need of repair, as is the case with sun-damaged skin. It can soothe your skin, moisturize it, and prevent it from drying out and worsening UV ray linked damage.



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