Cucumber Water- Face Refreshing,Toner

Cucumber Water- Face Refreshing,Toner

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What is cucumber water?

Cucumber water is obtained from refreshing cucumbers. It has multiple benefits, more so when 100% of fresh cucumbers are used without any extracts. 

The refreshing water has hydrating, refining and nourishing properties for the skin. Controlling oil production and keeping pores and fine lines in check are some other benefits of cucumber water. 

Cucumber water is most certainly effective for hydrating the skin. But cucumber and cucumber water also come with other nourishing qualities that assure overall health benefits.

Did you know?

Cucumbers are composed of around 96% water with a low content of other nutrients. This enriches their hydrating properties and makes them ideal for dry skin. They also contain several antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which protect the body in multiple ways.

Benefits of cucumber water for skin


Reduces tiredness

Cucumber water helps a great deal in reducing the tiredness on the skin. Since one of the features of cucumber is skin refreshment, it makes the skin fresh and nourishing. It also helps prevent the puffiness of the skin.


Soothes the skin

Cucumber water has a large water content (since cucumber in itself contains more than 95% water). It helps soothe the skin on dry days with its hydrating properties as face refreshing toner. Thus, helping to balance skin texture naturally.


Prevents acne

Cucumbers contain many useful vitamins— particularly, vitamin B which enables cucumber water to remove acne from the skin. It reduces or prevents pores and acne from appearing on the skin.


Skin tone

Cucumber water helps retain the natural color of the skin. It also reduces excessive oil secretion. This is primarily because of the high water content which removes all toxins from the body and the skin.

100% Organic

Cucumber Water- Face Refreshing,Toner

Customers Reviews

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I've been using this cucumber water from last week now It made my skin so so Smooth and Spotless. It so refreshing and Soothing. Absolutely in love with this. It is part of my skin care routine now. It not only hydrates the skin but also reduces blemishes and spots.
Soni Gupta
💚 I keep it with myself all day long, whenever I feel like I’m sweating, I just spray two pumps of this on my face and I feel so fresh and hydrated after that.
Coolness of cucumber gives instant relief from prickly summer heat. My skin looks fresh and hydrated. Comes in a spray bottle. Easy to use and travel friendly.

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Some other Health Benefits

A. Provides antioxidants

Cucumber contains many antioxidants. As a result, using cucumber water assures protection from many diseases. Cucumber water is crucial for preventing heart diseases, diabetes and many other conditions.

B. Reduces blood pressure

Cucumber water is rich in potassium which helps regulate body blood pressure. This is because the excess amount of salt in the body is reduced.

C. Feeds the bones

Cucumber water, as mentioned earlier has many vitamins like B, C and K. Vitamin K is necessary to help build healthy bones and tissues as it fuels protein formation.

D. Promotes hair growth

Since cucumber water is rich in water content, its hydrating and healthy properties help to soothe and nourish the dry and itchy scalp for better growth of hair.

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