Cucumber Gel, 150g- For under eye dark circles, for skin glow, high in Vitamin-E

Cucumber Gel, 150g- For under eye dark circles, for skin glow, high in Vitamin-E

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Nature’s Tattva makes its Cucumber Gel from only Desi Cucumbers and not the hybrid variety. The cucumber gel is made by extracting the pulp of the cucumbers and then a carbomer (1%) is added to make it stable in gel form.


Benefits of Cucumber Gel


Not Made From Extract

Most of the cucumber gels available in the market today are actually aloe vera gel with added cucumber extract. They have very little amounts of cucumber in them. At Nature’s Tattva, we don’t use Aloe Vera or Cucumber extract. We use only Desi Cucumbers to make our cucumber gel.


High In Vitamin-E

Cucumber gel is naturally high in Vitamin-E oil. This makes it really good for treating under eyes dark circles, puffy eyes and also uneven skin tone.


Refreshes The Skin

Cucumber gel has a cooling effect on the skin. It penetrates the skin, faster than water and therefore works as an instant refresher. This makes cucumber gel a great choice for the summers. By hydrating the skin, cucumber gel makes the skin glow and radiate.


Effective Toner

Cucumber gel works as a great toner, without drying the skin. Due to the high levels of Vitamin-E, it makes the skin look brighter and smoother.

100% Organic

Cucumber Gel, 150g- For under eye dark circles, for skin glow, high in Vitamin-E

Customers Reviews

See whats our customers say about this miraculous Cucumber Gel

Great product.. I will recommend to use this cucumber gel from Natures tattva after using almost 2 weeks.Its absolutely amazing. I can see the change in my face.every other day , i was getting pimples on my skin, it was like one pimple is going and then the other appears on my skin. But after using this product, i am having a positive change.
It gives a cool sensation while applying and massaging. Say bye bye to dull skin in just 10 minutes. 😄 it smells nice too. Go for it
Priyam vathana
Its an amazing gel, i apply it daily.. very soothing in summer as it has cooling effect.. usually apply on face and do kitchen stuff no sweating at all..

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Other Benefits

A. Since cucumber gel is high in Vitamin-E, and has a refreshing and cooling effect, it is great in reducing dark circles around the eyes.

B. Not made from cucumber extract in aloe vera gel. This is made only from cucumbers.

C. 100% Pure And Natural Cucumber gel without any added colour, fragrance or preservatives.

D. Cucumber gel penetrates into the skin four times faster than normal water, and therefore starts showing results much faster.

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At Nature’s Tattva, we believe in supplying only the very best, therefore we source only the most genuine Organic Cucumber gel from the direct source. Our Cucumber gel is also certified Organic. 

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