Lemongrass Hydrosol-Toner for Oily Skin, 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Body Spray

Lemongrass Hydrosol-Toner for Oily Skin, 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Body Spray

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What is Lemongrass Hydrosol?

Known for their refreshing, lemony scent, lemongrass hydrosol serves all kinds of purposes to give the skin a refreshing look. They capture the aromas and flavors of freshly harvested lemons. 

Made from the distillation of lemongrass essential oil, Lemongrass hydrosol is used as a natural remedy and is used to heal wounds.

It is known to be an effective deterrent against 4 different types of fungi. Not only this, but lemongrass hydrosol also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties!

Did you know?

Lemongrass hydrosol has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties all in one! According to research conducted in 2010, it is effective against a lot of drug-resistant bacteria including skin infections and pneumonia.

Benefits of Lemongrass Hydrosol for skin


Facial Toner

It can be added to your facial toner for helping you cleanse your skin and give your day a fresh start. It also hydrates your skin and hence is great for daily use.


Oily Skin

Lemongrass hydrosol can do wonders for someone who has oily skin. It has oil control action which helps in getting rid of excess oil from the skin.



Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used in case of sunburn. One can easily spray its mixture with water on their face or any body part where they have a burn.


Natural Deodorant

A lemongrass hydrosol can be sprayed as a mist on the face, hair, or the body after a shower as a natural deodorant. It works as a natural perfume, especially in the summer. It can also be used as an aftershave mist when mixed with water.


Reduces Pimples

It contains vitamins A and C which help to minimize the pores. Thus using lemongrass hydrosol on the face along with any gel prevents the outburst of acne and pimples. It also keeps the skin hydrated and glowy.

100% Organic

Lemongrass Hydrosol-Toner for Oily Skin, 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Body Spray

Hydrosols are a bye-product of the essential oil making process. Nature’s Tattva, we make sure that the hydrosols are prepared with the highest quality standards, the same standards used to make our award-winning essential oils.

What exactly are hydrosols and how are they different from plant concoctions made at home?

Hydrosol/steam distilled water is very concentrated because it takes at an average 2.4 kilo grams of the plant to produce 1 litre of steam distilled water. The process does not use water to make hydrosol, it rather uses steam to make the hydrosol. So, hydrosol has all the ingredients that the plant is supposed to have. And the concoction made at home is not that powerful as the plant parts are boiled in the water and there is no set/defined proportion of plant to water ratio to give the desired benefits. Also, during the boiling process many of the nutrients are evaporated while in steam distillation process there is no chance of evaporation of the nutrients.

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Some DIY Recipes

A. Bath Soak

You can make bath salt for yourself for relaxing your muscles. You just need to mix Epsom salt, a few stalks of lemongrass, and blend them. Voila! It’s ready. It will help you get rid of sore muscles and body aches and will make you feel refreshed! If not a bath soak, you can just store the blend in a cloth bag and soak it in the bath!

B. Body Scrub

A lemongrass body scrub will cleanse your skin and stimulate blood circulation. You just need to blend a little of your favorite carrier oil with a few stalks of lemongrass and blend it. Once it is completely blended, you can put it through a sieve for the removal of fibers. Now, just add sea salt into it and it’s ready. Scrub it all over your skin but not on your face!

C. Body mist

Making a body mist with lemongrass hydrosol is an easy task. All you need to do is mix a little amount of hydrosol with water and transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. Your new companion for the beach is ready! Not only will it provide you with a fresh fragrance of lemongrass, it will also help to cool down your body against excessive heat.


Lemongrass hydrosol can be easily mixed with approximately 10 drops of citronella essential oil along with half a cup of boiled water for a natural mosquito repellent spray. To use the mixture, transfer it into a spray bottle and keep the mosquitos away! It is also advised to add 5-7 drops of tea tree oil for effectiveness.

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