Lotus Powder, 125g- for Ever Glowing, Youthful Skin

Lotus Powder, 125g- for Ever Glowing, Youthful Skin

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Revered in India as a sacred plant, celebrated in mythology and lore, the lotus has several skincare benefits. Nature’s Tattva makes its Lotus powder from shade drying the lotus petals and grinding them in state-of-the-art facility, and then hygienically pack them in jars, all of this, untouched by humans. 


Shade dried powder of Lotus leaves

Benefits Of Lotus Powder For Skin


Brightens Skin

It is high in Vitamin-C, which is great to lighten and brighten the skin naturally.



  1. It is also high in Vitamin- B complex, which makes it a great choice for anti-aging face mask.

High Fatty Acids

The fatty acids and proteins in the lotus flower keep the skin nourished at all times. It is great to use lotus powder, along with Rose Petal powder, and use as a mask at least once a week for a well-nourished skin.


Prevents Acne & Blackheads

Lotus extracts contain skin balancing properties, which help balance sebum production in the body. In oily skins, this is beneficial in preventing clogged pores, acne and blackheads.

Benefits Of Lotus Powder For Hair


Prevents Premature Greying & Hairfall

Lotus powder is a great tonic for prematurely greying hair, hair fall and dry scalp. Just add 2 tablespoon of Lotus powder in 100ml Virgin Coconut Oil and keep for 4-5 days. Shake every day. After 5 days, use the hair oil and follow-up with a mild shampoo.

100% Organic

Lotus Powder, 125g- for Ever Glowing, Youthful Skin

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