Neem Anti-Acne Toner, Hydrosol Suitable for Oily Skin

Neem Anti-Acne Toner, Hydrosol Suitable for Oily Skin

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Did you know?

Our Neem Hydrosol comes from the same Organic Neem plantation that our other neem products, like Neem Powder and Neem Oil come from. The Neem Hydrosol, like all other hydrosols, is not the same as the concoction you get at home upon boiling neem leaves. The neem hydrosol is made using steam distillation process, and is upto 10 times more potent that home boiled neem leaves.


Steam Distilled Hydrosol of Organic Neem Leaves, NOTHING ELSE

Benefits of Neem Hydrosol


Heals Rashes

It is a magic potion when it comes to healing rashes. Just spray 2-3 times on the affected area and see results almost immediately.


Great Against Acne

  1. Neem Hydrosol is great against acne, spray as a toner on face. When used in combination with Tea Tree Hydrosol, it increases the potency against acne.

Anti-Dandruff Potion

Neem hydrosol is a great anti-dandruff potion. Just spray 2-3 times a day on hair and see results almost immediately.


Great for All Skin Types

It is great for oily and sensitive skin types. It reduces oiliness almost immediately and refreshes the skin. Just spray 2-3 times when your skin feels oily during the day.


Works as Mouth Rinse

It works as mouth rinse. Just spray 2-3 times in the mouth and keep it inside the mouth for 1 minute and spit it out. DO NOT SWALLOW.


Alcohol Free

Alcohol free, and therefore does not over dry the skin.



Preservative-free, therefore, the shelf life is just 2 months from opening.



Its important to refrigerate the hydrosols.

100% Organic

All our hydrosols toners are free of alcohol, preservatives or any other nasties. #NoNasties

just go ahead, buy yourself this Amazing Neem Hydrosol

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