Organic Shea Butter- Raw, Unprocessed and Unrefined

Organic Shea Butter- Raw, Unprocessed and Unrefined

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Shea butter

It is probably the most sort after naturally occurring butter in the world of Skin and Hair care. Shea butter is touted as the only skin care product you will require for any skin and hair care issues.

Now, let’s first understand what exactly Shea Butter is?

Shea butter is the fat extracted from the seed of the Karite plant fruit. The karite or shea plant is native to Africa.

The main components of shea butter include oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, etc. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin as it melts at body temperature. Its moisturizing and healing properties prove beneficial for many skin issues. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties (to a certain extent) that can be utilized to treat many ailments.

History of Shea Butter

The Shea butter has been native to West Africa for centuries, from Senegal to Sudan and up to the foothills of Ethiopia. African history documents mention jars of this rich butter used for skin and hair care, even during the reigns of Cleopatra. Even the Queen of Sheba is said to have used it!

The Shea tree is considered sacred by many African tribes and is still used extensively to protect the skin and hair from the harsh sun and dry winds.

How is Shea Butter Extracted?

While kneading the extracted oil with the hand was popular earlier, advancements in technology have led to different methods, such as using hexane for the final extraction of shea butter. It is important to note that the use of a chemical like hexane is very unsafe method of Shea butter extraction. It is always good to ask the manufacturer how they have extracted their shea butter. At Tattvalogy, we work with local women self help groups directly and use only hand kneaded shea butter, which is raw, and certified Organic.

Refined Vs. Unrefined Shea Butter

Shea butter may be refined or unrefined. Unrefined shea butter is the purest form of shea butter, which is the most natural and the least processed. Since our shea butter is extracted manually, it is able to retain its vitamins, minerals, and other natural properties. It is subjected to a basic filtration process using clays, cheesecloth, or other methods. These can slightly alter the butter’s color, scent, and texture.

Refined shea butter, on the other hand, is the processed form. Apart from the filtration process, it also undergoes a deodorizing process by airing or usage of chemicals. It is also bleached to make the butter whiter. Addition of additives is common to add a suitable scent and increase the shelf life (preservatives) of the butter. All of these processes make the butter white and very smooth. A major disadvantage of using the refined version of shea butter is that all the processing it goes through reduces its nutritional value.

What does Shea Butter have in it to make it so Versatile?

Shea butter contains UV-B absorbing triterpene esters, such as cinnamic acid and tocopherols. In addition to these, it also has a high percentage of phytosterols, triterpenes, and hydrocarbons such as karitene. It also contains:


Fatty Acids

Shea butter contains five principal fatty acids namely palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and arachidic acids, with a higher proportion of stearic and oleic acids that together accounts for 85-90% of fatty acids. Stearic acid provides a solid consistency, whereas oleic acid influences the hardness or softness of the shea butter.



Phenolic compounds are known for their antioxidant properties. Shea butter contains 10 phenolic compounds, 8 of which are catechins. Traditionally extracted shea butter has higher phenolic levels than that extracted with hexane. In fact, the catechin content of shea butter is higher than the total phenolic content of ripe olives. The overall concentration and relative percentage of the shea kernels vary from region to region, depending on the level of environmental stress endured by the trees.


Vitamin E

Tocopherol is otherwise known as vitamin E. Different versions of this are found in shea butter, but their concentrations fluctuate depending on climate and some other factors like the butter extraction method.


Vitamin A and Vitamin F

These are also found in shea butter naturally. They can aid in the treatment of skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and even slow down premature aging.

Shea butter is considered as a superfood for the skin as it is rich in unsaturated fats, with a large proportion of non-saponifiable components, essential fatty acids, vitamins E and D, phytosterols, provitamin A, and allantoin. It has been used since time immemorial for skin care, baby care, and consumption.

Benefits of Shea Butter


Moisturizes the skin

Shea butter happens to be an excellent moisturizer for the face and the body alike. Its perfect fat content is responsible for its emollient and humectant properties. By keeping the moisture locked in the skin, it keeps the skin hydrated for longer. Dehydrated and dry skin becomes rough and scaly. Certain areas of the body can even develop skin cracks due to dryness. Shea butter can nourish the skin with its fat content. It can also help to soften the skin on your hands and feet and make it supple. It penetrates the skin easily, without clogging the pores, and is effective for dry skin.

Use shea butter to heal cracked heels, dry cuticles, and rough patches on your skin. You can also use it to simply moisturize your skin during the colder months.


Anti- Ageing and Anti-Free Radical Agent

Shea butter is considered as one of the best anti-aging agents for the skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, the youthful scaffolding protein in the skin. The vitamins A and E found in this butter keep the skin supple, nourished, and radiant. If used regularly, it reduces wrinkles and also prevents premature wrinkles and facial lines. Its anti-aging properties can also be attributed to its ability to increase circulation to the skin and promote cell renewal.

These vitamins, along with catechins, also exert an antioxidant effect against free radicals that damage the skin. These free radicals are often found in our environment in pollutants and irritants. The sun’s rays can also increase the free radicals in our skin, which can easily damage the skin cells. The cinnamic acid esters in the shea fat prevent damage from these compounds by giving your skin an antioxidant boost.


Provides Relief to Itchy and Peeling Skin

For itching skin, both the moisturizing and the anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter prove to be beneficial. Dryness can cause your skin to start peeling and/or become flaky. It can cause the skin to itch. The moisturizing fatty acids of shea butter can provide relief by supplying the skin with the oils it needs. If the itching is due to a skin condition like psoriasis, the anti-inflammatory activity of shea butter works really well to alleviate it.


Repairs Damaged Hair

A number of chemical treatments like straighteners, perms, and curlers are responsible for stripping off the natural moisture from the hair. Shea butter can help restore this lost moisture. It also protects the hair from harsh weather conditions and the harmful free radicals in the air and water. Moreover, shea butter has a low SPF that is sufficient to protect the hair from sun damage caused due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It repairs the damage that has already been caused by the harsh weather and the sun. This is largely due to the fact that once absorbed, shea butter coats the hair shaft so that it is protected from a heat tool or any other damaging material being passed along the hair. This is particularly beneficial for processed or colored hair. It also protects the hair against salt and chlorine when applied before swimming.


Restores the Elasticity of the Skin

The non-saponifiable matter and vitamin F in this butter are vital ingredients for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Shea butter also improves the production of collagen in the skin. Thus, its application restores the natural elasticity of the skin besides hydrating, softening, and beautifying it. Restored elasticity also ensures reduced wrinkles and blemishes.


Helps Soothe Skin and Baby Diaper Rash

Unrefined shea butter is an excellent natural moisturizer that is devoid of chemicals. Thus, it is ideal for baby care as besides being gentle and soft on the skin, it is specially adapted for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. It can be applied after a bath and also used for healing eczema or diaper rash on the skin of babies and toddlers.


Prevent Hair Loss

The fatty acids of shea butter condition the scalp and hair. It also provides many essential nutrients that improve both scalp and hair health. These, in turn, will make your hair follicles stronger and reduce hair fall and hair loss. Another important property of shea butter that can prevent hair loss is its anti-inflammatory properties. Scalp conditions can be treated by these compounds, thus reducing hair loss. Your hair will grow thicker and have a natural shine when you use shea butter.


Treats Split Ends and Breakage

Shea butter exerts moisturizing and regenerative effects on the hair and scalp. This strengthens the hair strands and reduces breakage. Also, being rich in vitamins A and E, it soothes dry hair and mends split ends.

First Things First!!!

Raw Shea butter’s color and fragrance depends on weather and harvest type. It is NOT consistent, and if you keep getting consistency in color and smell, it may mean that something is being added for the consistency.

For color and smell check out this Youtube video: . And also check out the FAQ answered by the Shea Institute: .

Raw Shea Butter Is A Skin Superfood That Comes From The Seeds Of The Fruit Of The Shea (Karite) Tree And That Is Naturally Rich In Vitamins A, E And F. It Offers Uv Protection And Provides The Skin With Essential Fatty Acids And The Nutrients Necessary For Collagen Production. Shea Butter Has Been Used In Africa And Other Countries For Years To Improve Skin And Hair.


Shea Butter Aids In The Skin’S Natural Collagen Production Shea Butter Makes It Incredibly Nourishing And Moisturizing Skin Softening And Strengthening As Well As Wrinkle Reduction
This Also Makes It Beneficial For Some People With Acne Naturally Rich In Vitamins A, E And F.

It Offers UV Protection.

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6 reviews for Organic Shea Butter- Raw, Unprocessed and Unrefined
  • hvmaha6 (verified owner)

    Deep nutty fragrance . Very good moisturizer.

  • anirudhjain29 (verified owner)

    Good quality stuff. But also depends on batch.

  • Debalina Sarkar (verified owner)

    Good quality

  • Vibhore Sharma (verified owner)

    Great price and the butter is excellent at this range

  • meenakshimalav1997 (verified owner)

    the very good product specially for areas like heels and knees and elbows. i would suggest to keep it in fridge ,am from Rajasthan its hotter here it starter smelling weird but that’s just temperature product is good

  • Rinla (verified owner)

    Good quality product at reasonable price. A must have product and I highly recommend the brand.

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Questions and answers of the customers

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    The following butters:- Shea, Cocoa, Mango and Sal, are solid butters in our storage (kept in refrigeration). When we start packaging them into individual jars, we don't melt them to set them exactly in the jar, this is because sudden heat starts oxidizing your butters even before they reach you, which means that it starts becoming rancid or spoiled. So these solid butters take up more space and hence require a larger jar. Now while shipping, due to heat (this time gradual), the butters might melt and settle down, therefore giving a idea that the butters quantity is less, but in reality, it is not the case. For further information on the same, please call or WhatsApp us at 8178353356.

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    Shea butters true color ranges from Ivory to Faint Yellow to Faintly Green or Beige. Some African Butter is being sold as Shea Butter, this is dark yellow in color and should not be confused with Shea Butter. Further, Shea Butter's color depends on the season of sheanut harvest, number of washes for Shea Butter and many other factors. Therefore, you shea butter can be anything from Ivory, Faint Yellow or Faint Green, Beige. If you are consistently getting any one color of shea butter, it may be that some additions are being done to it, because since shea is a natural thing, it shouldn't be consistent, just like any other natural product. For further information, check out this link from Shea Institute, USA: , and also check out this video:

100% Organic

Organic Shea Butter- Raw, Unprocessed and Unrefined

Customers Reviews

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This product works like magic for dry skin people. The texture of the butter is amazing it melts on skin in seconds and is moisturising at a next level. It contains Vitamin A, E and F which are really good for skin . The butter have a soothing effect. As it is an all natural product and unrefined in nature it's worth the price. The packaging is also air tight A perfect butter for your skin care routine
The jar was well packed. The raw Shea butter had very less scent. It is a must buy for winters. My hands become super dry in winters so I thought of buying this. I applied this every night and my hands feel super soft now.
The quality of the Shea Butter is gives very high moisturizing, the butter is v v thick and I had to dilute it using coconut oil , has resolved the eczema of my son's's fantastic and am grateful to have found a genuine product...hope ur team continues to give a good quality in future too
Usha Nadar

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Commonly Asked Questions About Shea Butter?

How does it smell?

Unrefined shea butter can smell a little offensive at times. This is because it has a nutty smell of the shea nuts, which may seem offensive at times, specially in an unrefined shea butter.

Why don’t we melt and set the Shea Butter before dispatch?

Every time you heat any fat, the quality goes down. Therefore, we avoid any heat of melting at our end so that no decrease in quality happens at our end and you receive the best quality butter. To avoid heating, we scoop and pack the shea butter as is, which might melt in transporting, which might look as if we have sent lower quantity, but it is not the case.

Still have questions?

If you still have question about this Shea Butter shoot us your queries at

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At Tattvalogy, we believe in supplying only the very best, therefore we source only the most genuine Organic Shea Butter from the direct source. Our Shea Butter is also certified Organic. 

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