Natural Rose Petal Powder

Natural Rose Petal Powder

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What is rose petal powder?

The rose petal powder is made by drying the rose petals until they take the form of fine powder. Its cooling effect and soothing fragrance has many health, skin and hair related benefits. The powder has various medicinal and antioxidant properties. 

The refreshing powder is used to nourish and heal the skin from dark spots and acne for a fresh and radiant look.

Its natural cleansing qualities also help to get rid of dandruff, blemishes, aging spots, and dead skin cells.

Did you know?

Rose is known as the queen of flowers and there are over 300 varieties of roses. The rose flower also comes in many colours and has been used for its beauty and medicinal properties since ancient times.

How is it helpful for your skin?


Used as cleaner

Rose has cleansing properties that make the rose petal powder perfect for cleansing and nourishing the skin. In fact, the rose petals are known as the most aromatic natural cleanser.


Removes dark spots

The rose petal powder face mask is used by many to get rid of dark spots and acne scars. The smooth texture and antibacterial properties help to even the skin tone.


Hydrates the scalp

The rose petal powder is famously known for hydrating the skin. This beneficial characteristic helps to hydrate the scalp and relieve dandruff, improving the volume and growth of hair.



The anti-inflammatory properties of the rose petal powder enable it to fight the rigid anti-aging spots. It also cures the effect of harsh UV rays on the skin and reduces aging signs.

Your skin deserves nothing less than the purest form of skincare products, and our rose petal powder is the purest form of blessing that your skin deserves. We take just the petals and create powder of it, instead of doing it from the entire flower that includes ineffective substances. 

Because, when you deserve the petals why should you need to find your way through the thorns?

Our rose petals are sourced from the rose city of India – Kannauj. We also happen to source our rose water from the very same place.

Your skin has germs that get accumulated because of its exposure to pollution and dirt and our rose petal powder will remove all of that. Your entire day’s tiredness removed in a whiff.

India has summer almost all around the year, and this powder is the perfect coolant to get you through it.

Say yes to our very own desi roses and its goodness with Nature’s Tattva Rose Petal Powder.


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3 reviews for Natural Rose Petal Powder
  • Shikha Rastogi (verified owner)

    I have used this product so many times. It really works. Helps in removing tan and also gives a lil tint on you face . Fav!

  • nithyaphoneacc (verified owner)

    Used this in combination with multani matti
    Makes skin feel soft and has a pleasant smell.

  • Philomena S (verified owner)

    used this product
    really such a great pack for bridal
    keeps skin hydrated
    make feel more clean and glow
    thank you
    natures tattuva team

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100% Organic

Natural Rose Petal Powder

Customers Reviews

See whats our customers say about this Rose Petal Powder

I have used this product so many times. It really works. Helps in removing tan and also gives a lil tint on you face . Fav!
Shikha Rastogi
Immediately fell in love with this, gives an instant glow to your face. I mix it with Sandalwood powder and aloe vera gel and it gives instant hydration to the skin. Comes with a decent packaging Recommended for hypersensitive skin.
Aroop M.
Amazing aroma with consistency to put on face it is indeed pure rose petals as you feel the purity while application ..must have

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What are its health benefits?

Cures anxiety & insomnia

The soothing and cooling properties of the rose petal powder enable it to calm the body and mind. The relaxing effect that it leaves on the body and mind helps to cure anxiety and insomnia, which instantly fuels energy in the body. Its refreshing and restful properties along with the comforting fragrance help to sleep better.

Improves blood circulation

The uses of rose petal powder also include improvement in the blood circulation of the body. It is made with dried rose petals which leaves a soothing effect on the body, thus improving the blood circulation and relaxing the muscle. With improved blood circulation, the skin appears to be more glowing and healthy.

Supports nervous system

The regular use of rose petal powder relaxes and heals the nerves. This, in turn, supports the nervous system and helps to improve brain functionality, memory and gently reduce panic attacks. When combined with essential oils, it can regulate the mind, heart and nervous system.

Reduces stress

A pinch of cinnamon powder, aloe vera gel or honey mixed with the rose petal powder can help you attain the greatest benefit of the anti-inflammatory sedative. The cooling face masks with rose petal powder help to reduce stress. So, gear up to pamper yourself with some ‘me’ time and enjoy the fragrance of roses on your sin.

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At Nature’s Tattva, we believe in supplying only the very best, therefore we source only the most genuine Organic Rose Petal Powder from the direct source. Our Rose petal Powder is also certified Organic. 

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