Natural Soya Wax, Triple Filtered for Cosmetic Purpose
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Natural Soya Wax, Triple Filtered for Cosmetic Purpose

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  • Nature’s Tattva Soya Wax is specially triple filtered for the use in cosmetics.
  • A smooth nutty fragrance of the soya wax makes it ideal for DIY beauty products. Its pure white color is an added advantage.
  • Locks in the moisture in the skin, therefore allowing your skin to be soft, supple and hydrated.
  • Great for vegan lip balms, body butters and other DIY beauty products where you would otherwise be using Beeswax.
  • Only thing to keep in mind is that Soya Wax is little grainy as compared with other waxes, but once mixed and heated with other butters such as shea and kokum, its grainy texture decreases.
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Vegan Product

Nature’s Tattva Soya Wax is triple filtered to make it a quality vegan cosmetic product. We have already gained faith in our product as a lot of vegans in India have already started placing their trust in our product. It is a substitute of beeswax for maintaining vegan standards. In its raw and true form, soya wax can be grainier than other waxes, but when mixed with shea or kokum we can get a better texture of this wax.





Nature’s Tattva Soya Wax is specially triple filtered for upholding vegan standards. It can be used in DIY products as its natural scent is nutty. It is pure white in colour. It acts instantly to make your skin soft and supple by locking in the moisture. It can be used in place of beeswax to be made into vegan lip balms, DIY products and body butters. Add shea and kokum to it to reduce its graininess for better use of the product.



Fragrance of Soul of India

The most sublime fragrances can uplift the mood of your homes to create a space of happiness and that’s exactly what Soul of India does with its Lily of the Valley Soy Wax Candle. Apart from adding sheer elegance to the decor, it brings in a luxurious appeal to your home setting. This candle uses toxin-free natural soy wax alongwith other essential oils to spread the natural perfume of candour and lavishness. It’s a matter of awe by which this small addition can make a massive change to your lovely home.





The soy wax comes in a beautiful jar, which is a food grade pet jar.

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