Tomato Gel,150g-Rejuvenates dull skin, Adds glow to the face

Tomato Gel,150g-Rejuvenates dull skin, Adds glow to the face

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What is tomato gel?

Tomato gel is made from fresh tomatoes and serves multiple purposes. It has moisturizing, nourishing and soothing benefits. These are essential for healthy, glowing skin. 

Tomatoes come with many therapeutic properties. Particularly for beauty treatment, tomato gel seems to be a go-to option. It helps regulate sebum secretion, reduces pores and their appearance on the skin. It also shows anti-oxidizing properties that help prevent skin aging and pigments.

For the skin, tomato gel deals with irritation and skin inflammation problems. Dark spots, acne and blackheads can also be treated using tomatoes. So after a harsh day under the sun, tomato gel can help you protect your skin.

Did you know?

Tomatoes develop in the ovary of plants and have great quantities of vitamins A and C, sugars, calories, carbohydrates and fibers. These nutrients maintain body balance and skin. Tomatoes are great antioxidants due to which they withhold plenty of skin, medicinal and beauty benefits.

Benefits of Tomato Gel for skin


Protects from sun damage

A large number of skin problems occur due to exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Tomatoes have Lycopene – a natural ingredient that helps our skin run effective protection from the sun.


Clears acne from the skin

Tomatoes have vitamins A and C that come with acidic properties which further help to clear the skin by drying the acne and reduce marks and scars.


Lowers skin irritation

Our skin is regularly in contact with chemicals that irritate the skin. Using tomato gel for skin helps reduce the irritation. This happens as a result of the anti-inflammatory compounds present in tomatoes.


Prevents blackheads and wrinkles

Certain properties in tomato gel help in shrinking pores. The Lycopene present helps keep wrinkles away and reduce blackheads. Regeneration and growth of skin cells are also boosted by the Lycopene found in tomatoes.


Smooth and glowing skin

A large quantity of vitamin C is found in fresh tomato gel. This brightens the skin and adds a glow like never before. The enzymes present help to rid the skin of dead cells and the skin texture automatically becomes smooth and soft.

100% Organic

Tomato Gel,150g-Rejuvenates dull skin, Adds glow to the face

Customers Reviews

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It's perfect for dry skin! Lightweight, no smell, no film on the skin after applying. Even small amount of gel is enough for a big body area. It really hydrates. will for sure order more of it!
Love this gel. It is very hydrating. I am hoping it will help me with my breakouts since tomatoes naturally fight acne. It smells like tomatoes too which I like.
Shrishti jain
This is a magic wand for those who have oily skin and acne problem. This gel is very effective for these two problems. Just apply a tiny bit of it and your face will be refreshed. And being a natural and free from harmful chemicals product this is a must buy.

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Some Health Benefits for skin

A. Protects the heart

The antioxidants in tomatoes improve blood circulation. This protects you from diabetes and heart diseases, thus keeping the heart healthy and happy with topical application.

B. Better vision

The Lycopene and vitamins present in tomatoes help improve vision. It also protects you from other long term eye diseases and reduces dark circles.

C. Anti-aging

Tomato gel, when applied to dry skin regularly, can help to slow down the aging process. The soothing and nourishing properties help to fade wrinkles and fine lines.

D. Protection from cancer

The compound Lycopene once again is found in tomato gel helps to prevent many types of cancer and ensure a protected and healthy life when applied regularly.

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