Natural Sal Butter- Unrefined
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Natural Sal Butter- Unrefined

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  • SAL BUTTER is an ideal product to use for skin and hair conditioning.
  • It has been used for centuries in India for its moisturizing and healing properties, where it has been used to protect and condition skin which has been damaged by the sun and wind.
  • Due to its uniform Triglyceride composition, it exhibits high oxidative and emulsion stability, and good skin softening ability.
  • It melts at skin temperatures making it ideal for sticks and balms.
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Physical Properties

Nature’s Tattva Sal butter is unrefined and almost scentless butter, with a dark greenish colour. Sal butter is an excellent source of both stearic and oleic acids. They are essential fatty acids that give your skin a healthy glow and keeps it looking young. They aid in reducing acne and is beneficial for acne-prone skin.




SAL BUTTER is a perfect skin and hair conditioner because of its moisturizing power. It has been used for centuries in India to protect and heal skin which has been exposed to sun and wind, causing damage.Due to its uniform Triglyceride composition, it softens skin instantly. Its miraculous property of melting when it touches the skin makes it perfect to be used in sticks and balms.




It is a popular choice when it comes to being used to make creams, balms, and bar soaps. SAL BUTTER promotes skin elasticity and treats dry skin and damaged hair. It melts when it comes in touch with human skin temperature, and thus it seeps into the skin easily. Its popularity and the body care and cosmetic industry doesn’t come as a surprise. Its moisturizing and healing properties make it perfect for treating skin that has been exposed to sun and wind damage. SAL BUTTER (Shorea Robusta Seed Butter) is sourced from the seed of the Sal Tree grown in East Central India. This seed produces butter that has a firm texture to be used in cosmetics.
It contains mostly C18:0 and C18:1 (Stearic and Oleic) fatty acids. SAL BUTTER is also ideal for bar soaps and skin creams.




Sal Seed Butter makes your skin feel velvety soft and gives it a nice sheen. It’s perfect for oily skin as it doesn’t leave any oily residue or traces. It’s rich in vitamins and fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties.











Our packaging is done keeping in mind the hygeine of the product and we take all measures so that it reaches you safely.










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