Sense Your Skin’s Sensitivity

Sense Your Skin’s Sensitivity


When you were in school, you must’ve noticed how some students needed a tad bit more attention than the others. It was not because they were weak, but because they were a little different from the rest and so needed to be handled more delicately.

When it comes to skin types, it’s more or less similar. Some skin types require more attention than the others and that is because they are more sensitive than the others. The idea is to make sure that we treat these skin types right by paying that extra attention to detail.

So, if you have sensitive skin type here’s what you should remember.

  1. Remember that fragrance is your enemy. Go for products that don’t add artificial fragrance. This originally stems from the fact that you should always go for products that have the least ingredients because that means unnecessary chemicals are not gearing up to harm your skin. When you’re reading the label while choosing products, avoid alcohol content, retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids and antibacterial agents because they are too strong for your skin.
  2. Use mild soaps and cleansers that don’t clog your pores because sensitive skin can be prone to acne. General soaps are harsh and can cause irritating reactions to your skin because of added fragrances. So, go for a cleanser that is mild on your skin, which keeps your skin clean without causing harm.
  3. A lot of cleansers can cause inflammation to your skin by making it red, bumpy or fill your skin with rashes. To avoid inflammation, use a natural moisturizer at least twice a day. That way your skin will be protected against dryness. You can choose either shea butter or coconut oil for your natural moisturizing remedy.
  4. Going back to the classroom analogy, remember that discipline is important. So having a proper skincare routine should be your goal. Use products that you know are safe and use them regularly at designated times during the day. Keep your skin squeaky clean by following a routine round-the-clock and thus bringing your skin under discipline.
  5. It’s best not to use waterproof makeup because it takes a strong remover to remove it completely. Also, your skin will be subjected to harsher irritants and the best way to avoid that is by staying away from waterproof makeup. Even when it comes to normal makeup, it is highly recommended to use minimal makeup, keeping best interests in mind.
  6. Your skin needs calming agents to keep it cool. Go for aloe that does the job and leaves your skin feeling relaxed.

Sensitive skin may need more attention, but there’s nothing to worry about if you follow the tips. Sometimes, it’s best to not gamble with products and stick to the safer products that you can have faith in. Even if you want to try out new products, it’s best to introduce one new product at a time so that you can test its effect on your skin and then decide to continue or discontinue accordingly.

Remember, that even if your skin is sensitive, it can still be beautiful. All you have to do is treat it right.

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