Sensitive Skin And Its Endless Fight With Chemicals

Sensitive Skin And Its Endless Fight With Chemicals

Sensitive skin has its enemies – that come in in various forms. Whether it’s the harsh sunlight or the rough and dry winds or the cold, your environment plays a big role. But that is not something that is in your control.

However, what is in your control is the harsh chemicals that you subject your skin to when you buy products without putting too much thought behind it. Your skin needs extra care and one wrong step here and another there can be disastrous for your skin.

And that’s why we have brought together a small guide as to what to avoid when you are buying products for your skin:

Sensitive skin

METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE (MI): It is a widely used preservative that has crept its way into many a product and if you aren’t too careful, you would be unknowingly using it too. It causes a lot of allergies where 10% of the population actually tests positive to the allergy. So that’s one in ten people and we thinks those odds are not worth taking the risk.

Fragrance: This usually seems like the most innocent one and almost again is there in every product. It also usually is the last item on the list of ingredients, so it’s easier to miss. So here’s what you do. Check for this danger and refrain from buying the product in the first place.

Oxybenzone: This one pledges to protect you against the evil sun, but has turned out to be quite evil in itself. This chemical is found in your sunscreens and they are a major cause of hormonal disruption in women. But you of course can’t get on with your lives without sunscreen, so choose something that understands your skin better and is organic, thus reducing side-effects to almost nil.

chemicals in beauty products

Essential oils: The undiluted essential oils of the citrus family are not that friendly with your skin and definitely have no regards to your skin being sensitive. They may have allergens that are harmful for your skin.


Parabens: Your skin doesn’t really like parabens. And they can easily get irritated if you apply some on them. There are plenty of options in the market for your body or skin care that are paraben-free. It’s wise to go for them instead.

Dyes: Some of us colour are hair to hide the greys, while some simply because we are rebels and want to keep experimenting with our look. While both are equally good reasons, if you have sensitive skin you may not be doing it a favour. You may find rashes around the nape of your neck or edge of the hairline if you use dye that doesn’t suit you. Make sure that you use a hair colour that doesn’t have paraphenylenediamine (PPD) for a stress-free colouring time.

It’s not that hard to avoid these chemicals if you really make a conscious effort to do so because there are always plenty of substitutes you can go for. Be aware, be safe.

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