Sheer Need For Shea Butter

Sheer Need For Shea Butter


Growing up, you may have realized that your skin has natural oils. But more often than not, the dryness of the weather threatens it. So the job of Shea butter is to replenish your skin with those natural oils.

So, here we find out what are the exact roles of Shea butter and why it should be a necessary part of our skincare regime.

shea butter

  1. Shea butter is known for being rich in fatty acids and plant sterols like oleic, palmitic, stearic, and linolenic acids, which basically means that now you can get rid of your acne and blemishes easily by just applying Shea butter and let its healing properties take over. The raw Shea butter can also cure your skin rashes, and make it squeaky clean and blemish-free that feels soft to touch
  2. Some of our skin is so sensitive that we often experience redness or swelling when we get beauty treatments done. These kind of irritations can be calmed down by the application of Shea butter as it is anti-inflammatory.
  3. Have been going out in the sun a lot because of your work or just come back from a beach vacation? Your sunburn has the best treatment available in the form of Shea butter.
  4. Imagine you have a wedding coming up (which we all have this wedding season) and your stretch marks can’t be hidden with a dupatta anymore. Go carefree by regularly applying Shea butter on the affected areas and dance freely.
  5. If you have eczema, the simplest way to treat is by applying Shea butter.
  6. Shea butter has an abundance of Vitamin A that turns your immature skin cells into mature ones and physically that comes across as a correction for skin defects.
  7. Want to know the best use of Vitamin A in Shea butter though? It joins the goodness of Vitamin E to give birth to anti-aging properties that treats wrinkles and aging lines and leave your skin feeling younger.
  8. Now, for all the young mothers we have already established that you can use Shea butter to get rid of your post-pregnancy stretch marks. But here’s some more good news. You can also apply the same on your baby as well because it is gentle and non-toxic. However, please note that only use organically made, unscented, pure Shea butter for the same.
  9. Now enough about skin. If you have dry and brittle hair, Shea butter works like a dream as a conditioner giving it the moisturizing it needs.
  10. Most people use Shea butter for hydrating their skin – and the best part is that it can be used as a body lotion for your entire body to let it act as a shield for the damaging weather that winter can be.

So whether it’s as a moisturizer or a lip balm for your chapped lips or to treat dandruff, Shea butter is a beauty product that’s nothing less of a magical delight.

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