The Not-So-Friendly Components Of Cosmetics

The Not-So-Friendly Components Of Cosmetics


Whether it’s your sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 or the compact powder you can’t do without, there seldom comes a time during the day when we realize what we put our skin through. As if the pollution and the changing weather weren’t doing enough harm to our skin, we worsen it by using cosmetics that have harmful chemicals for faster results.

Our skin needs patience and care – maybe a little more than anything else. And subjecting it to harsh elements without fully going into the depths of it can cause more harm than we realize. So here’s a quick understanding of what leads to skin problems through cosmetics and how to abstain from using them.

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  1. The most commonly found ingredient and the one that you must absolutely avoid is Sodium lauryl sulfate. You can pick up the shampoo bottle lying on your washroom (because we love reading while we are in the bathroom, don’t we?) and go through our ingredients. If you find this listed in the ingredients, time to throw it in the trashcan. Because it not only messes up your skin’s natural balance, but also may lead to developing acne, around your mouth and chin area.
  2. All kinds of acrylates like ethyl acrylate, ethyl methacrylate, and methyl methacrylate are found in your artificial nail products and cause immense damage that include cancer. Since it is known to give off a strong scent, even inhaling it can cause damage to your body.
  3. Ever wondered how your cosmetics are preserved for so long? Because parabens are used that act as preservatives but are suspected to interfere with a woman’s hormonal functions. The more shocking and dangerous part is that they are a part of almost 75-90% cosmetics around the world. So there’s almost no avoiding this.
  4. Synthetic colours – A lot of times, colours are added to your cosmetics that are extremely dangerous. Look out for the letters FD&C or D&C on your labels to identify them and refrain from using them. It is not only suspected to be a human carcinogen, it is also suspected to incite ADHD in children. It also acts as a skin irritant and must be avoided at all costs.
  5. Your endocrine system is an important part for your body to function properly on a daily basis, and Phthalates is definitely its enemy. A lot of companies hide it under the cover of fragrance and they can be found in your deodorant, nail polish or lip balm.
  6. Here’s a quick trip to nostalgia. Growing up, you must have noticed petroleum jelly used in a much-loved product. And now here’s a quick trivia – it is used as a plastic wrap that disrupts your skin’s natural immune barrier.
  7. Ever wondered how your eye makeup is so dark? It’s because of carbon black that has been linked to cancer.

It takes a careful mind and an alert one too, to be careful of the implications. But worry not, there are enough natural products in the market that give you a complete skincare, devoid of all harmful effects.

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