The Perfect Skin Care Routine For The Wedding Season

The Perfect Skin Care Routine For The Wedding Season

With the wedding season around the corner, none of the girls would want to look dull or tired. Weddings and festivals are just a reason to prepare! You are ready for weddings with your all glammed up an outfit for the day/night.  But is your skin ready for festivals and weddings? Maintaining perfect skin is a huge challenge for all. And that is why there needs to be some kind of extra-special festive skin care routine.

How To Achieve The Perfect Skin Goals?

Gone are the days with heavy makeup looks. The year 2020 is all about being minimal. Minimal dress, minimal accessory and no makeup looks is rocking during 2020! The bloggers and the makeup artists seem to be going a complete 360-degree change in their artistry. 

So, in order to get that natural glow, dewy and flawless skin not only on festivals but also throughout the year, you need to follow these simple steps. These simple tips will help you achieve naturally glowing skin forever. 

Festive skincare routine – 

A. Cleansing

The very first step to achieve healthy and glowing skin is cleansing your face at least three times a day. For this, you need a mild face wash that will not strip down your skin. Washing your face with a face wash that suits you is the major step. You need to get rid of all the dirt and dust that is accumulated on your face. It is recommended to use Nature’s Tattva Reetha Powder for its high quality and foam base.

face cleanser

B. Toning 

Post this, you need a calming toner to tone down your skin. Using a facial toner helps to maintain the pH balance of your facial skin and ensures proper hydration. Half of your work for healthy and glowing skin is already done by following these steps religiously. You may use Nature’s Tattva Tea Tree Hydrosol for the perfect toning without any side effects.


C. Moisturising

This is the next step to achieving healthy, glowing and great skin. You just cannot do without a moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated for long odd hours. As you know your base makeup seeps into your skin only when you have well-hydrated skin. There are many creams and facial oils in the market. In fact, Coconut Oil is the best treatment for hydrated skin. If you apply the oil as your base makeup, your foundation will sit well on your face without making it look chapped or rough. 


D. Under-eye creams/gels

Generally, people forget to hydrate theirs under their eyes. The skin under your eyes is the most sensitive area. Hence, it needs proper hydration or else fine lines will appear before time. The under-eye skin goes unnoticed but this is the most important step to achieving healthy and glowing skin. You need to prep up/nourish your under eyes by using an under-eye gel/cream such as a Cucumber Gel. This will also help in improving the fine lines and crow feet. 

cucumber gel

Conclusion – 

Besides this, you need to ensure a healthy diet plan. Eating proper fruits and green veggies is a must— drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated. Apart from this, drinking gallons of water and following a healthy and rich diet will also benefit your skin in multiple ways.

Enjoy the wedding season with glowing skin!

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