Top things to ensure while purchasing a sanitizer

Top things to ensure while purchasing a sanitizer

alcohol based hand sanitizer for protection from COVID virus

Hand sanitizers have now become a common name worldwide. Every person in this era now knows about its importance and usage. But do you know how to purchase the most effective hand sanitizer?

Let’s check it out. 

In this current situation of the pandemic, it is sanitizers that have been playing an important role to protect us against the virus. It is available in the form of liquid, gel, or foam. The two most common sanitizers one looks for are, neem hand sanitizer and aloe vera sanitizer gel based. No doubt the content of these sanitizers makes it really effective and just a few drops are enough to make your hand feel fresh and clean.



There are mainly two types of sanitizers:


Disinfection alcohol based hand sanitizer gel to kill COVID virus bird flu virus 

These sanitizers consist of almost 60% to 95% alcohol. It is applied as a disinfectant for killing harmful microbes.


Alcohol free Sanitizer

It works like an antiseptic that destroys certain microorganisms and makes skin softer along with adding a sweet fragrance.

Well, now it’s time to find out what kind of sanitizer is the most effective. Let’s begin by understanding the things you should look for while purchasing a sanitizer.

Alcohol Content

Firstly, the alcohol concentration is something we need to take into consideration while buying a sanitizer. Medical experts have mentioned that sanitizers having an alcohol percentage between 60% to 95% are the most effective and helpful in killing germs. Also, since alcohol evaporates with time, we need to keep a check and a sanitizer expires in almost three years or so.


Now, another thing to take into account is the ingredients used to make these hand rubs. In addition to alcohol, there are additional antiseptics, sporicides, emollients and gelling agents, a small quantity of distilled water, foaming agents, colorants and fragrances— all of these are added in the right proportion so as to get the best product. Here, we need to mention that nothing can be better than using natural herbs and plant-parts too. So, neem hand sanitizers and aloe vera sanitizer gel based are considered perfect examples of effective hand rubs. Neem and aloe vera are known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. We also know that they are used in every household for different purposes.

Approval of authoritative bodies

One should always check if the particular sanitizer has been approved by the respective authoritative bodies. The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a guide to be followed for the production of hand rubs. Other bodies like FDA and GMP have been checking on these.

In addition to these points, one should check whether the sanitizer suits their skin or not.

Hand and surface disinfection as protection against Coronavirus 2019-nCov.Concept protect the world

Nature’s Tattva is India’s first DIY brand that brings to you it’s various natural products. Here, they ensure that customers can choose what suits them best. The brand is offering Hand sanitizer, made with the goodness of Aloe Vera & Neem, an effective hand rub against harmful germs and guarantees 99.99% germ-killer. It is based on the formulation prescribed by WHO— a 100% genuine product that has been approved by GMP and FDA. 

So, make sure you try this product to know more about its effectiveness and use it to fight the virus!

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