What Are Hydrosols And Why We Should Start Using Them Right Away!

What Are Hydrosols And Why We Should Start Using Them Right Away!

Originating from the Latin word ‘hydro’ meaning ‘water’ and ‘sil’ meaning ‘solution’, hydrosols or otherwise called distillates, hydrolats and floral water are subtle, aromatic water which is a result of slow distilled material of plants, fruits and leaves. They have subtle aromas that are similar to that of essential oils. There are a lot of different aromas available for hydrosols; from Rose to White Rose to Peppermint to Chamomile amongst others. 

What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols are mainly known as herbal distillates, floral water and herbal water are propagated by distilling leaves, fruits, herbs, and various plant essences. Just like essential oils, these herbal waters are less concentrated. Hence, the aroma of these waters is soft and magical. These come from the plants that have high water components that are not present in essential oil. In other words, hydrosols are the purest form of herbal essence.

The pros of Hydrosols 

Hydrosols can make the best skin toner for the skin due to the presence of micro-droplets of essential oils and high-level water in it. Some researchers have estimated more benefits of using it regularly, such as: 

  • Open clogged pores.
  • Super Moisturise skin.
  • Provide anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Relax your mind all the time.
  • Give healthy living.

With hydrosols, you will get the ultimate way to live healthy, beautiful, and peacefully.

Hydrosol for skin

Benefits of Hydrosol for skin

Hydrosols are essentially safe for everyone to use! And are a perfect choice, if you are just beginning with aromatherapy. They are also gentle on the skin and make you feel light and refreshing.

Since they are 30 times stronger than herbal tea and gentler than essential oils, they are generally used for skincare. They are greatly known to reduce inflammation, tighten the pores, prevent acne and most importantly; hydrate the skin. The three best hydrosols for skin are lemongrass, citronella and tea tree. They are good for red & itchy skin, excessively oily skin and teenage skin as well as mature skin respectively.

Other primary uses of Hydrosol 

Here are some ways you can use hydrosols to rejuvenate your skin:

  1.   As a toner

Hydrosols are absolutely natural to use on the skin and can be used best as toners. Just put a little on cotton and apply it on your face. It helps reduce dryness and promotes healthy skin.

  1.   For the little babies

Since hydrosols are safe for the skin, one can use it on babies as well. It helps babies sleep better and relaxes their mind and body.

  1.   Use as spritzers

The best hydrosols uses also include using them as refreshing spritzers. One can just spray them on their make up for a fresh look or even on the clothes for a relaxed mood.

rejuvenate your skin

Well, clearly hydrosols are a sound investment when it comes to skincare and well being. No wonder, you must start using them right away for a healthier and nourishing skincare routine. Oh! And of course, a peaceful mind and spirit. 

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