Why Is Rose Water A Must For The Present Humid Conditions?

Why Is Rose Water A Must For The Present Humid Conditions?

Ahh! The smell and feel of rain is just so great, isn’t it? 

But what is not so great about the rainy season is the humid conditions that are created due to the moisture in the environment. Not only can it make you feel sick and invite insects around your surroundings, but it can also adversely affect your skin. Thus, it is advised to use fresh rose water, DIY masks, drink fresh juices, eat green vegetables, etc.

Especially for people with oily skin, this weather is a threat! The excess of oil accumulating in the T-zone is very hard to control. Using lotions and creams also becomes a big NO as it only ends up making your skin more oily.

So, what is the best solution for oily skin during Monsoon? The answer is Rose Water. Yes, Rose Water is a must during the present humid conditions. Let us study some benefits of this magic potion.

There are abundant benefits of rose water for face that produces excess sebum and oil. Here are some of them as mentioned below:

Rose water

  1. Rose Water As A Toner

Many use the rose water toner to kickstart and end their day with freshness. The fresh water extracted from the beautiful rose petals will make a great toner for your everyday use. Just take some into a cotton swab and apply all around your face or spray as it is for a refreshing experience.

  1. Spray To Remove Stickiness

A mixture of rose water and cucumber toner makes the best combination to get rid of the sticky and greasy feeling on your face. Spraying it or rubbing a dash of it with cotton will make for the best solution for maintaining healthy skin during Monsoons.

  1. Tan Removal Remedy

We are clear that using rose water for oily skin is the most appropriate choice for the rainy season. But there is another great solution that the rose water serves, which is being a great source to get rid of tan when mixed with tomato juice or lemon extracts. 

  1. Prevention Against Acne

The mixture of rosewater and glycerine is known to be an accurate remedy for prevention against acne. While your skin can look flawless during the fall and spring season, those pimples can anytime appear during the rainy season and we gotta be prepared!

  1. Refresh With Mist

We all know the importance of hydration for the skin. Thus, it is extremely important to carry a face mist with you at all times and what could be better than rose water in a spray bottle? Just open, spray and let the freshness leave your face feel beautiful and oil-free once again.

These were the top 5 rose water uses for the face that can protect you during the humid conditions. But the refreshing potion has endless benefits that can be utilized while making DIY masks, scrubs or mix with daily moisturizer for a soothing and calm feeling. 

Gulab jal

Nature’s Tattva offers pure natural rose water made from desi roses to balance the pH levels of the skin. It is a by-product of the rose essential oil and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to keep the skin and hair healthy.

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