Winner Oils For The Winter

Winner Oils For The Winter


As much as we revel in the beauty of winter – the snow-capped mountains and frost-laden cities, our skin and hair most of the times, bear the brunt. Most of the times, they can turn really dry and in turn become itchy and become frequently an irritant.

So here we take a look at the oils that can actually make our lives easier, and in turn, give us the natural winter glow.

jojoba oil

Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Organic Golden Jojoba oil – If your skin’s natural oils had a twin, it would be this one. It contains the ability to be easily absorbed – thus not leaving a greasy layer on the skin. Since it has a healthy mix of vitamins B and E, and minerals like zinc and copper your skin’s nutrition is taken care of.

coconut oil

Nature’s Tattva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil – From using it as a base for your body scrub to making a hydrating DIY mask before you go to sleep, coconut oil is known for its multipurpose uses. Winter also brings along with it eczema for some and coconut oil can be the knight in shining armor fighting it. You could also use it for the more delicate parts of your body – like your lips.

olive oil

Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Olive Oil – Ever thought about a magic concoction that could reverse your age like Benjamin Button (or somebody less creepy, maybe)? Olive oil is one that comes closest to that magic potion and is your safest bet. It’s a common phenomenon that sometimes dandruff hits your scalp like the snow hits Kashmir in January, but to treat that all you have to do is apply olive oil smartly.

argan oil

Nature’s Tattva Organic Moroccan Argan oil – No matter what, you would want your skin to feel healthy and nothing helps your skin cells regain its natural state than argan oil. Loaded with vitamin E, this one is a sure winner for the winter!

almond oil

Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Sweet Almond oil –¬†Your hair needs to regain its shine when it comes to the dry weather, and almond oil helps you do just that. Combat the harshness of the winter with this power pack for a healthy shine!

sesame oil

Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Wild Sesame oil – Sometimes what you need is for your hair to be strengthened from the roots – and gingelly oil helps do that because it’s rich in all the minerals like magnesium and phosphorous and has an abundance of calcium and protein.


Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Castor oil – Once you discover this oil nothing else will come close when it comes to top-class moisturizing. You can either let it stay overnight in your hair for deep conditioning or leave it on for 2-3 hours. If your skin has developed rashes, you can apply this on your skin, which helps it bet back to its normal condition.

All you have to do to keep your skin healthy this winter is just choose one that suits your needs. Because remember, that just like most things in life, your hair and skin have their own needs. Remember to listen to them!

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