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Start your own business from home, by partnering with Nature’s Tattva

Does your family and friends look upto you for skin and hair care tips?

Do you love experimenting with home remedies for skin and hair care, and sharing them with everyone?

About Nature's Tattva

We started Nature’s Tattva with a vision to revolutionize the way Indians consume beauty products.

In the age of consumerism and ‘fast’ products, with quick fixes, and products filled with heavy chemicals and preservatives, we tried our hands at 100% Natural, chemical-free beauty products.

The solution was simple, the product needs to be made at the customers end, so that the product needs no preservative, it is always freshly made and contains literally zero chemicals.

People started liking our DIY fixes and our best time came when the world was under the pandemic lockdown. People realized how important it was to make sure what they consume, is good for them and their environment.

Do-It-Yourself has become the ‘new norm’ and we are pioneering the efforts for a chemical free future.

How Can You Be A Part of This Program

If you are a woman, especially interested in beauty products. If you can talk at length about beauty and have an influence over your friend circle. If you would want to make money and grow with India’s fastest growing brand. Then, we are looking for you.

This is a reseller program, where you keep stock worth ₹ 5005 of Nature’s Tattva products. We will assign a dedicated account manager, who will help you build the sales for you, by helping you with product details, how to use, resolve customer queries etc. This person will be your one stop guide to building sales. These days, we get more than 50 queries everyday from people looking to buy our products offline. We will start diverting these queries to you, depending on their location. We will also list you as an official partner on our website, so that people looking to buy offline, can directly get in touch with you.

We charge no joining fee, no security deposit, and you don’t have to make more affiliates below you. This is NOT AN MLM opportunity!

BUSINESS FACT 1: In times of COVID19, when businesses are suffering, Nature’s Tattva has seen an increase of 100% in number of orders.

BUSINESS FACT 2: We get close to 50-60 offline queries per day, which we cannot fulfill as we are only focussed on online sales.

BUSINESS FACT 3: Only 5% of all sales for brands happen online. The real potential remains in offline space.

BUSINESS FACT 4: You can pay the amount of ₹ 5005, in 4 equal installments. ₹ 1251.25 right now and then ₹ 1251.25 every 2 weeks.

How We Help You


Nature’s Tattva has become a brand to reckon with, both in terms of quality and affordability. Are you ready to take advantage of this growing brand value, and build a successful business?


Start with a Minimum investment of ₹ 5000 only. You can pay the amount in 4 equal instalments in 6 weeks. So that you can grow your business to new heights.


You will get a 100% dedicated account manager, who will help you grow your business continuously. Fill up the form below to know more

If you are interested in taking this journey together, and building your own business, then fill up this form for us, and someone from the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to explain the onboarding process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be assigning a dedicated account manager, who will be helping you with innovative ways to increasing sales. Implementing them will be your work as an entrepreneur.

We will take back the inventory that is not selling within 90 days of billing. But there are certain conditions for this:

✔️ We will not bare the shipping charges from your end to our warehouse in Delhi

✔️ We will issue a credit note for these returns, which means, you can buy back any other product of that particular amount from the website in your next order. No money refund will be made.

Yes, you are free to leave the program at your wish, but an intimation email needs to be send at

Please note, that we are not liable to take back the stock already sold to you.

Your dedicated account manager will provide data from your location and will recommend the quantity of the products as well. We will try and make sure you don’t buy any additional quantity and sell maximum, because it’s for mutual good. 

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